Two Guys Talk About Chemtrails[Aerosols] CA. Beach Town, 12-13-10:Please Make Viral

These guys were nice and though nobody ever bothered to warn them about whats being done, they were open to what information I presented them with.

25 thoughts on “Two Guys Talk About Chemtrails[Aerosols] CA. Beach Town, 12-13-10:Please Make Viral

  1. mikemb123

    @handydude6 thanks for that comment, theres been a series of documented tests and uses of biologicals by the U.S. Military going back a long time

  2. mikemb123

    @sanluisskywatch thanks, its not easy doing this you get a lot of bad vibes but these guys were actually cool, not everybody is closed off, you have to find the people who are not,

  3. handydude6

    According to info released in the Freedom of Information Act; In 1950, the Army tested spraying Pnumonia Bacteria over San Francisco and Oakland. I was 1 1/2 years old. Spent 2 months in the hospital. Lungs were messed up for the rest of my life. The bastards are at it again. Last year thousands were catching Shingles in my area. It was horrible. By far the worst pain I ever had. And I have had kidney stones.

  4. mookixox

    The skeptic cleary said ‘But to spray all that would cost alot of money’…It sure would, the Pentagon cannot account for TRILLIONS of spent tax payer dollars…Then he asks what the possible financial gain would be to spray all that?…Carbon credits, that should pay off big time for generations of ppl to pay more money on every breath of air they take.

  5. mikemb123

    @finefilth its Eugenics 100% Nazi Eugenics

    total re-design of society by technological, “cognative” Elite, ala “Brave New World”
    Social Darwinism at its finest and most brutal

  6. mikemb123

    @finefilth you should have seen the other people I tried to talk to. couldnt post that footage. These guys were allright, I was once brainwashed myself

  7. finefilth

    these guys are brainwashed idiot fucks mike.. they deserve a life of slavery exploitation and surely extermination

  8. finefilth

    I tell em right out its poison meant for the american people who have been designated as” useless eaters” and the enemy.

  9. mikemb123

    @ChemTrailSkys if I run into them again I will tell them that and refer them to your page, thanks!

  10. Matey3

    they have conditioned ppl to rely on the media to tell them everything which is going on and if they run into anything which has not been covered in the media they cannot think of it for themselves.
    Also the fact that WE are paying for every cent of this massive operation by paying 2ice as much at the pump and other forms of taxes.
    ppl cannot believe a bunch of criminal bastards have taken over since 1913

  11. RetroFishman

    The San Fernando Valley is getting hit today. Took some photos earlier. I post them to a site without much comment from others. Sorta irks me people arnt more up in arms about this.

  12. RetroFishman

    I have trouble dealing with others when it comes to this. I usually just tell the doubters who tell me its nothing but water vapor, when its 90 or so outside and the stuff doesnt evaporate even after it sinks. If it were water vapor it would have evaporated. Ive seen these trails come very close to the ground where temps would dissprove any lingering water molecules.

  13. listenupeverybody

    I have always wanted to do this but I don’t think I have the patience for the bs the average person believes.

  14. ChemTrailSkys

    Great Job Mike!…Contrails are “Rare” its not the Temp but the presence of “Ice”. We notice it on a vehicle on a cold day….not “Every cold day” but days when “Ice Particals” are in the Air…They don’t leave a ChemTrail..its
    I pissed my pants at 5:36…..”So do you think the “Natural State of the Sky” would be “CLEAR” all the time!?…Lord help us!…LMFAO…Thanks Mike!

  15. wizardangel

    Good Job mike,,I hope these dudes dig into what is in our skies ,,maby you’ll run across them again and have another chat ..hard to even get people to relize what is in the rain and what it does to the plants ,how long these toxic effects remain in water and soil just building up for the last decade and longer in some places..most do get very negative when ya try to point out what is in our skies,,but we keep trying anyway don’t we !!

  16. mikemb123

    @InfowarsCanada I didnt post the negative responses I got trying to talk to people before I found these 2 guys, its downright scary


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