UFO activity and chemtrails planes

UFO activity and chemtrails planes

25 thoughts on “UFO activity and chemtrails planes

  1. MsKymmi

    May 25th 2011 in Wisconsin (USA) i was watching the chem spraying in the sky and I seen what I would call a bright white cigar shaped object a distance ahead of the plane spraying . I watched it for awhile and it just disappeared. Later the same day I saw the same kind of object ahead of the spraying plane again . I was shock to see it again, They stayed a constant distance ahead of the spraying and didn’t fly all over the place. I didn’t my cell phone to video.I will be watching the skies !!

  2. noiproks7

    I have similar shots of filming chemtrails planes, and also thought it was a UFO but it was the birds….

  3. 2009368

    Nice footage

    I have video and pictures of those same objects, i just need a better camera to better see them x]

  4. fleshtheworld

    Did you record this in the jungle while a bunch of tribal man played crazy mombo jumbo tribal music. I was hoping to see them, would have been nice.

  5. WellSightedGentleman

    ..you know i think the flashing white dots are in fact the geoengineering particulate falling in clumps, being aluminium, the reflect the light immensly
    look at this watch?v=cmyazBrUMPA there is so much of this stuff in the air, this is why it has to stop, because its terribly hostile to the body, like many poisonus metals, the body can struggle to rid itself of them, aluminium is what they promised, to fill the sky with through solar radiation managment. hmmph
    many answers, so few solutions

  6. djigric1979

    DJ IGRIC ?????? ??????????? ??????? ? ???? Chemtrail…!!! DJ IGRIC – Through the smoke we wait answers (trance version) ??? ????????? ????? ????????? ???? ????????

  7. jamahurin

    this is some of the clearest and best footage I have seen of this phenomenon. Excellent work! It makes me want to go back through all my chemtrail footage and look a little more slowly : )


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