UFO Alien Bioplasma Entities Chemtrails.

These things in this video are all the same entities. They can be small plasma orbs, spirits, chemtrail planes, fake birds or insects, black helicopters, fake shapeshifting human like beings, alien greys, fake cars, or boats, Comet Elenin, fake suns, or whatever, but they are all the same thing. They are demonic Djinn entities that have been here with us forever but now we are seeing them again.

11 thoughts on “UFO Alien Bioplasma Entities Chemtrails.

  1. CosmicStarTraveler

    Very nice footage you have there! I have also filmed both orbs and morphing fake planes for a while now. Check out my channel if you like, I think you will like my? videos as well! Cheers mate!

  2. ella5024

    @WakingUpFast Hmmm lost my message to you, anyway YES that is just what I made a video about but it is lousy and it got 53 views in 26 minutes? which scared me so I made it more private. /watch?v=jmoC8X6XfR4 Read that website, it is great!

  3. WakingUpFast

    Perhaps we are seeing them again because we are starting to ascend to a higher level of frequency and are therefore able to see (or be aware of/sense) a greater number of dimensions? (including lower ones) and these entities are resident in some of these here to fore unseen/unsensed dimensions. Just a thought. Like listening to the same radio station for a long time and then discovering you can get other channels by tuning to different frequency. They were always there, we just weren’t tuned in

  4. ella5024

    At 2:32 you can see a dark blue spot coming into view in the lower left corner. That? is an orb that is sitting beside a headlight on a car.

  5. ella5024

    @jonpaulsines They are over my house all day and night. I guess people think they are real airplanes during the day but I don’t see how they can believe the ones at night are real. They do have the ability to control people’s minds though.? My husband is always saying they are coming in for a landing at D.C. (250 miles from here). He thinks they are landing lights. It’s just a bizarre thing to say EVERY TIME.

  6. jonpaulsines

    i live in elkins? and my brother and i see alien spacecraft all the time now. 2011 has been the most active year for sightings so far.


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