UFO Flying close to an Aeroplane spraying Chem trail.3. 4.2011.Please watch Full screen.

I have feeling to go out to filming,Nothing happened the first hour, Then I saw the aeroplane spraying the chemical on high altitude,and then a disc shape object appeared, and flying very close to aeroplane. When you liked my new capture, please vote, and Subscribe to me. thank you

16 thoughts on “UFO Flying close to an Aeroplane spraying Chem trail.3. 4.2011.Please watch Full screen.

  1. colourufo

    @PROFILESophiaYates What? Maybe collide? Or just maybe i can catch U F O I did it now! I am was so lucky. an happy. thank you watch and comment on my video.

  2. pwpg0516

    very nice.. one of the very few original and not fake UFOs that you normally find on Youtube.. Thank you colorufo.. really appreciate your awesome work

  3. Tryandtakemyguns11

    aliens are probly tryin to figure out why our own planes are spraying toxic chemicals into the air and onto the people

  4. 26mel1

    Laszlo , I love the way you said : ooh , ah ! a UFO ! :-)) Nice sighting dear friend & thank you for sharing . Peace & Love .
    btw, Maybe the cosmic co-brothers telepathic conversation went something like this ;
    Okay brother , Laszlo been spotted filming an airplane & lets make a dive down & up in front of that pilot’s nose & it will be all on film just in time for all the earthlings to see 😀 We Love you all ! Cheers !

  5. colourufo

    @wideafukinwake Thank you to watch my video and make comment. I was on the Roof top to filming and catch this phenomena.3 hour, in the first hour I have no luck, so I started to filming the cloud formations, and I saw the Aeroplane ,I started to filming this air craft sprayed the chemical then spheres U F o appeared, vent to close the aeroplane.

  6. wideafukinwake

    hiya laszlo.. another excellent video you are a talented person.. me and a couple of friends are so inspired by your technique and work we chipped in and got the same filter that you kindly shared with me.. we will be going out today if the weather clears.. so fingers crossed.. hope the family is well..


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