Ufo Germany:The chemtrail ufo connection!10.07.2010!

This video was taken by myself on 10.07.2010 in germany near Bonn! As i watched it on my laptop i found many strange things in it! A bright orb witch only was visible on the cam! Many fast ufos allways connected to a spraying fake looking plane! Get a videocamera go out and film it youself,its no miracle! Enhance contrast,reduce brightness and saturation! I am sure you will find something! Peace,love and unity!

25 thoughts on “Ufo Germany:The chemtrail ufo connection!10.07.2010!

  1. mamaschannel1

    wenn ich mir so all deine beobachtungen anschaue, kommt mir der gedanke:
    ich sollte wohl mal aufmerksamer nach oben schauen…………………………………..
    ist auf jeden fall ? ? ?? ? ?

  2. Reen1411

    Man ich hab nur richtisch gesagt um mir ne lange Antwort bezüglich meiner Unwissenheit über dieses Phänomen zu ersparen,mehr als sie filmen ist nicht drin!
    Alles andere sind wilde Spekulationen an denen ich mich nicht beteilige,weil es nix bringt!
    Wahrscheinlich müßten die mal erst zum Kaffee hier vorbeikommen und mich mal auf ne kleine Reise einladen damit ich dann mit vollem Wissen darüber quatschen könnte!
    Hehehe aber ich weiß deine Kommentare zu schätzen mein Freund!

  3. InfiniteFreeThinkers

    Hey I’m not totally sure if that is a chemtrail. It dissipates pretty quick and isn’t that long behind the jet. I dont know, maybe I’m wrong but what we see in the4 states are sooo long they stretch from one side of the horizen to the next. Don’t get me wrong tho, theres Chemtrails everywhere!! That orb is pretty crazy and yes, I too starting seeing them show up in vids when chemtrails are being sparyed..Also military helicopters from time to time.Great vid nonetheless!!

  4. endtime2012

    When in the countryside I rarely hear chemtrail planes, yet I hear regular aircraft that fly at higher altitudes. Its so quiet in the country at timesthat I find it impossible not to hear them. The aircraft are also coated in a very non reflective paint. Why can’t they make all aircraft this quiet? Interesting? By the way, the chemtrail jets far FAR outnumber regular aircraft in the north of Canada.

    Thanks for posting your video.

  5. TheSuperMAn1989

    Brother, this is a really GOOD footage in…deed!!!! I also Love the sound, the music piece I mean; just greatttt!!!! Bravo!!!! :-))

  6. ufosarerealdotcom

    Great vid my friend, the ratings counter has also been frozen, I gave it a thumbs up and it didn’t register. Peace

  7. RedTribune

    wahoo. Great work. got it today in mail and thats what i notice in all my videos. I like how u worked on it to make the “Bullets and spheres notice able for all.
    Not all are bugs, not all rods.
    A prof. Filmtaper catched once a cloaked ship which flew behind a big broadcasting transmitter 5 times bigger, quicker than a bullet. That was the day as i started with that.

  8. Thorsten690

    “@dexterbeatz aber warum sollten multidimensionale wesen denn? flugzeuge brauchen um uns zu beeinflussen???”

    Na stellen wir hier absichtlich so doofe fragen?
    Wer sagt denn dass das eine mit dem anderen zu tun hat?

  9. dexterbeatz

    @dexterbeatz aber warum sollten multidimensionale wesen denn flugzeuge brauchen um uns zu beeinflussen???
    die haben gaaaanz andere mittel……..
    die könnten auch nix mit unserem blut anfangen…
    naja egal, ich als alter skeptiker heheheh
    ja der orb is komisch, stimmt……….
    netter track…..

  10. josephcderer

    if you wanna have some fun – in your description box include “weather Nazis” in all of your video’s with the chemtrails… even funnier would be to include “governor butch otter”… he is the chemtrail Governor of Idaho — and is one of my biggest fans…


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