UFO Inspecting Chemtrail

UFO Inspecting Chemtrail. Southampton UK. Full near infrared footage. infrared-aerial-phenomena-research.blogspot.com www.ufonv.com

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    @Arc8609 Do a test video Dennis, Should be a good cam to see in action. You must have paid a lot of money for it, don’t let it go to waste.


    @Arc8609 If the ICF has been replaced with a 715nm filter, you shouldn’t need to switch on the nightshot. It is full time IR. I use an old modified TRV140.
    That’s a bit stange regarding UFONV.com. Ask Jim at his channel UFONV, You should be able to register without any problems.

  3. Arc8609

    @DABOXASH Hi, sorry to bother you again, ive been wanting to ask a Q in ufonv.com but cant register for some reason, so you as my last resource, i hope you can help me out. As you already know i have A hc9 with a 715nm ir filter which replaced the ICF… I cant use the night shot in broad daylight, so what would be your best recommendation for the camera so i can catch cloaked ufo’s as well as you do? Thank you

  4. Arc8609

    @DABOXASH i just recieved the hc9…..i will look into the tele-lenns in the near future…
    I have a question for you, the camera that i recieved was not modified in the same way as yours..
    instead, they have removed the ICF, replacing it with a 715nm ir filter & modified the Auto Function Focus so that the camera focuses correctly in the infrared band.
    will this form of modification still be as effective for ufo spotting as yours?


    @Arc8609 Thanks…the hc9 is very nice camcorder. Get the best tele-lens you can find for it. Not a cheapy off ebay. 10x isn’t quite enough for skywatching. Good luck!

  6. Arc8609

    Hi nice catch DABOXASH, i remember asking u a while ago about maxmax.com & u said that they were abit pricey. well i couldnt help myself & decided to order their sony hdr-hc9 and a 2mm 1000mn ir filter.. im looking forward to catching ufos here in Denmark but once i do i would be very happy like to share some footages with you..peace out


    @SeeingUFOsCA Check out UFONV.com, there’s all the info you need there for IR shooting. I’ve known seeingufospa for a long time, she’s got some very interesting footage…

  8. SeeingUFOsCA

    @DABOXASH Thank you for your contribution to ufo investigation. I would like to do some in infrared. can you point me toward info that would help me get setup. I am currently using night vision. I have had objects showing up in some of my daytime photo’s lately and would like to see what else is out there. Have you seen Alison’s work @ seeingufospa ?

  9. rageatm4life

    people are claiming a lot of stuff here. Btw I work for the NSA and this youtube account will be shutdown in T minus 10 mins 😛


    @DABOXASH i do my own ufo & paranormal investigation work and have many hundreds of videos,i use very exspensive ATN 6015-4 night vision, fusion and thermal imaging devices, i lived in arizona for 9yrs when i was studying astrology and was fortunate enought to meet ed grimsly whom taught me everything i know today regarding ufo`s, i need the original footage to tell if its faked, but i noticed some anomilies in your vid thats all. im in the middle of making a dvd of ufo battles above earth.


    @NIGHTSKYE1 You should learn how to use your software. I’m a UFO investiagator for the ‘Britsh Earth & Arials Society’ & the ‘World Infrared Sky Alliance’, help run the UFO Skywatch website UFONV.com, and have been conducting my own research in into invisible UFOs for several years. I work with a range of specialist broad spectum cameras for day and night observations and use windows live movie maker for posting some of my results. I’ve still got the original footage in my camcorder.


    @DABOXASH i have de-bunked thousands of so called ufo an ghost images and video on yt, people like to research real evidence not homemade vids that just get on peoples nerves, no disrespect intended.:)


    @DABOXASH i use sophisticated algorithms for detecting manipulation of video images, jpegs in particular. Because .jpeg is a compressed file format, any tampering with an image from a digital camera usually results in the .jpeg image being twice-compressed: once by the camera, and once by Photoshop. This double-compression leaves tell-tale artifacts in the image that can be detected through the use of advanced algorithms. this kind of technology is still in the research laboratory, i have one.


    @alexvidmaster Captured using a modified broad spectrum Sony camcorder, filmed from inside the garden, not the car.

  15. alexvidmaster

    ok, this guy filmed this thru a car windshield or something to such particular where probably a shing piece was reflecting in the mirror. btw it was done with a cell phone camera…. that’s why there is no movement from the “object” i have 100s of pics that i figured was that, not to be an asshole or anything in particular, it took me a while to realize was my ac vent egulators making rflection on the winshield

  16. alexvidmaster

    ok, this guy filmed this thr a car windshield or something to such particular where probably a shing piece was reflecting in the mirror. btw it was done with a cell phone camera….

  17. alexvidmaster

    ok, this guy filmed this thr a car windshield or something to such particular where probably a shing piece was reflecting in the mirror.


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