Ufo Invasion Canada,Quebec,02.04.2010!Black&white orbs,fast ufos and a fake chemtrail sprayer!

This incredible video was taken by charlesparenteau! Canada,Quebec,02.04.2010! Original video: www.youtube.com I hope you enjoy it!

23 thoughts on “Ufo Invasion Canada,Quebec,02.04.2010!Black&white orbs,fast ufos and a fake chemtrail sprayer!

  1. reinapayasa

    @OnenessNow im sorry to break it to you, the galactic federation is a cult in which they have people believing in an alien salvation for the human race. this my friend is part of the plan to keep you in the bubble so that when there is a fake alien invasion you will jump on the bandwagon of an american union, a one religion to a false prophet. there is no ashtar and this alien religion is a tactic used to get you to believe blindly. illuminati funds the new age movement.

  2. proxbyhid

    One thing i find interesting in your video when you zoomed on the plane we could actually see that the trail didnt came from the two reactors and it should. For what i could see it looks like it comes from the tail of the plane and that is mmm lets say pretty weird,. As for the ufos the white ones i think are reflection of the sun light on your camera lensce. The black ones comes from the poor quality of your camera.

  3. OnenessNow

    The Galactic Federation of Light will herald the longest period of PEACE, LOVE and LIGHT ever experienced on Earth. The end of illegal wars and occupations, the end of the rape and destruction of the environment, the end end of the systematic destruction of economies worldwide in favor of the banking cartels of the Illuminati.


    @NewChaosOrder There is no death. We never die. It is all about he Experience. Watch, absorb, learn, understand = wisdom. Each has a role and part to play. Just understand who you are. Nothing else matters.

  5. Reen1411

    Naja ich seh auch so genug Beweiße,aber klar wären schärfere Bilder schick…hamma abba nit!


    @Wazabooz Classic example of a dumbed down enslaved minion. “So what?”
    You ponce! You will NOT graduate. You will do this all over again except it’s gonna be 10 times more intense. Why? So you learn!


    1) The Trunk Monkey! Love it!
    As for the rest… You got it!!!!
    The things that fly these death planes cannot be human. Or else they are programmed and mind controlled slaves. Poison the air, water, and food. We die off, they go underground, and they think they will emerge and become ‘gods’ over the new herd that they will genetically modify and control. Time to graduate!

  8. Reen1411

    The hologram lays over the drone so it looks like a normal passenger plane my friend!Everything is ok….there is no problem lol!

  9. cometodoyourwill

    Ok. It is a fake plane, a holograph, but the spray is real?
    Can you please explain this to me, if the plane is an illusion how can the spray be real? The aerosol may be sulphur aside from aluminum and barium …
    And the UFOs are everywhere.

  10. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    @Wazabooz actually it’s a FAKE jet (antigravity) and it’s spraying your stoopid ass. Pat yourself on the back. you earned it buddy.

    You humans…

  11. charlesparenteau

    What a great job Reen I’m very please !!!Tank you so much!!!
    I will download more I have a bunch!!!


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