UFO Orb Captured Checking Out Chemtrail (3-7-2012)

6 thoughts on “UFO Orb Captured Checking Out Chemtrail (3-7-2012)

  1. ?nçh?l?c??

    Orbs are sensors for detecting the toxic chemical spraying .. and that
    another sense we can give? Clearly, exist direct link!

  2. Jerry2665

    Hello. Very good footage you have here. I think they are spraying this
    poisonous chemical for population control. What do you think ? Some are
    saying they are hiding something up in the sky that they don’t want us to
    see. Thank you for sharing your video. Peace.

  3. TheDamo63

    Extraordinary,who filmed it? I’ve been told there are orbs on some of my
    uploads. I havn’t really looked for them,though.


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