UFO Shapeshifting Chemtrail Dispenser

this is blatant evidence of a highly exotic chemtrail dispenser ufo craft..looks like its been partly cloaked with optical armor ,its semi invisible,yet it has the text book glowing hologram signature that seems to morph in and out of its programmed shape ..at 1:08 on this video the plane shape you see is a text book hologram/fake plane concealing and camouflaging a highly advanced ufo chemtrail dispenser underneath ..thanks rob,your vids are killer.

22 thoughts on “UFO Shapeshifting Chemtrail Dispenser

  1. Maevelj

    See the videos of tsklar on YT. He goes into detail about this morse code type sound that he thinks is part of an electromagnetic assault? happening all around us.

  2. xTROJANxX

    Take a screenshot of the craft and enlarge it and analyze and enhance it, it is not a plane!! obviously there objective of fooling the masses is working…..well not all of? us, great catch.

  3. poodle559

    Morphing my arse! it’s more a case of silver plane, sunlight and camera focus, as for the white plane with the black undercarrage do an image search you’ll find pictures of that kind of stuff on the belly of airliners. I believe in UFO’s morphing and otherwises because? i’ve seen them and photographed them, i have no doubt that stratospheric geo engineering is taking place. i see it on a daily basis, but this video shows planes!

  4. NeaFrea

    What do you think about the fact that (very)? old (and younger) men are incarcerated in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal,? Belgium, Italy … because they refuse to swear off their perception?

    I hope I won’t spoil your good mood – sunny weather and all – but to me this is extremely importantant in the context of world enslavement.

    Thanks and take care


  5. EnkisGirl333

    are you kidding me?? the most obvious morphing happened in the first 20 seconds….lights appearing and arranging themselves in a straight line to appear as wings? ooookay….simple? hey…it’s just a plane. unreal.

  6. TheKith88

    They have trapped us in a left brain, material, Math, and science, logic, type world. They suppress our right brain, instinct, intuition, spiritual, art and religion/faith functions. The Creator made us to use both, and the elites, and there? demonic leaders have hidden this truth.

  7. rollingtoastop

    There is an obvious plane that is used for spraying chemtrails on my channel or search youtube? for; chemtrails, part of the puzzle This plane is huge and pumps out a tremendous amount of chemicals!

  8. canadianfortruth

    omg hope your not get in 2011manism(MANNY is a nut ) shape shifting orb bullshit .it? a freekin aircraft .plz

  9. DrDozbert

    I have to ask you if they are truly that advanced to have cloaking armor, then why is it? so bad that it can be noticed with unaided eye?

  10. jbreezes

    Was it last night you heard this beep? ? Could we have heard it at about the same time? I’m in Germany.

  11. BrutalTruthMediaMaui

    its not a? plane thru the whole video,but i hear ya,pat yourself on the back for having the ability to witness what is blatantly obvious..unfortunately the majority of suppressed ,mundane and brainwashed minds cannot even compute the factual evidence in their face

  12. loverofyahshua

    I also heard, this beep. I am in Fresno, and have not heard this sound, for a few months. I spoke with the owner, he said I was 5150. I told him, that the Coast Guard, was going to allow me to attend Radio School, for having very sensitive hearing. He laughed. I quoted Matt. 13:39, the Harvest is a Conclusion, and the REAPERS are the? Angels. These must eat, 1 time a year. Humans are their food. Diabetes, Corn Syrup, fast food, humans are being fattened, up for the Slaughter. Dec. 22nd,2012.

  13. jbreezes

    It seems that much of our conditioning and brainwashing has been to lose the survival instinct – as? the survival instinct prompts us to be AWARE of our environment.

  14. jbreezes

    I heard 8 small beeps last night that sounded like an alarm on a watch. I was outside and there are no houses, people or traffic nearby. It felt as? if something or someone was hiding in the shadows. The reason I went outside in the first place was because our hen started yelling and I went to see why.I got to upload vid I took of snake-like curvy trail. The curves were so sharp, a jet could not have created it.


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