UFO sighting NYC Jan 30 2011

I shot these photographs from the roof looking south towards downtown Manhattan. The sightings started around 3pm and lasted well into the evening.

13 thoughts on “UFO sighting NYC Jan 30 2011

  1. MrJimbob91389

    that there is RX7200 Starship, awesome little thing, can do 0 to light speed in .00000023 seconds, runs on 93 octane and gets 1000000000000000000 light years to the gallon, JK awesome pics, definitely something up there and it was seen by many many people!!!

  2. UFOInvasionOrg

    I live in Upstate, NY. On 3/3/2011 directly above my city was the most beautiful sparkling UFO literally dancing and twinkling for me. It definitely was a HOLY Chariot of GOD, no doubt at all ! I will also upload this video, thanks dalston64 you are absolutely wonderful ! TruthLives aka Holywalker UFOINVASION . ORG 2011

  3. UFOInvasionOrg

    This world hasn’t seen anything yet, wait until tomorrow!! UFO INVASION . ORG See my website now, if you truly want the TRUTH about these UFO sightings!! “Seek and ye shall find.” TruthLives aka HolyWalker 3/2/2011

  4. causalityofbeing

    @ELITEANGEL17 The Moon on what planet. That was a duh comment that YOU just made. I know your scared, but face it, times are changing. Accept it.

  5. coreyWonderland

    That’s actually nothing comparing to the video interview with a real alien on U.S. Military base, which was leaked a few days ago.. that video is really SHOCKING and if you don’t have 18, I don’t even recommend you to watch it.

    incase you haven’t saw yet, just type in google: Shocking Alien Video Leaked Info

    I think this is somehow connected with all those Jerusalem UFO sightings too.

  6. JuangonysChannel

    @sacachispa77 Y que tu querĂ­as escuchar en unas fotos? jajajaja , Es un exente trabajo y es un slide show. A la mayoria se le pone mĂșsica. A los que no se le pone mĂșsica es cuando estas en un conferencia explicando como sacaste la foto etc.

  7. JuangonysChannel

    Amazing video. The next time you use the camera to take video as well. It’s a great machine and makes a spectacular HD video. The pictures have more defenicion but you can combine video and photos. It’s just a suggestion. The video has a good job.

  8. causalityofbeing

    Strange things are happening in NYC. But then again there’s always strange things happening over there. That object does appear to be changing/ morphing.


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