UFO thwarts Chemtrail Plane.

See a UFO keep a notorious chemtrail plane,”honest”,June 15 2012.*** This uploads official analytics likes 11,dislikes 2 as of July 6 2012. The above likes figure under views is doctored.

4 thoughts on “UFO thwarts Chemtrail Plane.

  1. ella5024

    Chemtrail planes are not real planes. They are UFOs too. The UFOs around chemtrail planes are the same entity as the plane itself. They are demons. There are no? aliens, they are just demons.

  2. TheDamo63

    Your welcome,John. you could find some of my other uploads of great assistance,if you care to look. I have an excellent one in the “pipeline” from April 30,stay tuned. It could be called..”UFO’s attack chemtrail over Torquay” …a lot of very weird UFO’s in that one. Sources tell me there is an underwater UFO portal near? me,near Torquay. This would explain how I am able to catch so many of them. Of course,chemtrails are great UFO bait…a bait I use very well. bye for now….Damo

  3. wwwendicat

    It’s a kinda’ nice feeling knowing the controlling clique hasn’t got it all it’s own way.
    Thanks for posting this.
    Will? use it to explain to people new to the u.f.o. scene what’s going on.
    Best, John.


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