UFO Unsolved Mysteries, Texas UFO by MAX G FORCE 2008 Part II of II

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15 thoughts on “UFO Unsolved Mysteries, Texas UFO by MAX G FORCE 2008 Part II of II

  1. hdyudu

    thay know thares proper places to be testing super advanced aircraft like that not on a country road with though of the finger impressions getting melted into the dashboard tells thare where too close to the heat
    that thing was radiating thay could of set the car on fire with thim in it, thay got the worse case of government negligence and cruppion hear and thay end up pissing more people off
    by liying about it

  2. talitakoomi

    @silver760 YES!! We the people ARE sick to death of our United States government’s perpetual bull sh*t and LIES LIES LIES!! DO THEY THINK WE ARE ALL STUPID?!?!? Everyone KNOWS they grabbed UFO’s in Roswell and Kecksburg! Everyone KNOWS that it was not a damn “weather balloon” “meteor” “swamp gas” or any of the other pure crap they have fed to us over the years!! They lie about EVERYTHING- not just alien encounters- it’s impossible to trust them. Obama is a NIGHTMARE-the WORST PREZ EVER!!

  3. zennus1

    Not DC-x its engines run on Liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, no radiation element?

    In my opinion any encounter with a UFO that emits a lot of radiation is likely to be Aurora!

  4. b1naryd1g1t5

    This is one of the most convincing UFO cases I have seen because there was physical evidence left behind. I do think it was a military experiment and it ticks me off that they would conduct these experiments near civilian populations. Not only that, but they refuse to even acknowledge such events took place when people with cancer come to them seeking help.

  5. jersey123rich

    DC-x sounds like the most reasonable answer based on the eyewitness report. Consider the way it ended; the object was followed by 20+ military helo’s and looks fairly identical to the object reported in the story. Diamond shaped, flames coming from the bottom. This sounds totally like a military op and not at all like a UFO.

  6. dolphusbanks

    @jersey123rich DC-X test flight on a street huh. They should test a new weapon on it too. They got bases for tests.

  7. silver760

    The American public must be sick and tired of their government and military,any time anything happens a gagging order is immediately issued and a pathetic bullshit story produced,that or complete denial that they know or have done anything.They must think the American public are stupid,this happens in EVERY SINGLE case.Do they really think the American public will become scared and riotous if the military acknowledges that they too have seen UFO’s or even recovered something unidentifiable?

  8. jersey123rich

    This was probably a DC-X test flight. Look up Delta Clipper test flight on You Tube. The project was made public in 1993, in the 80’s it was probably still Top Secret. I heard each of the women has since past away. Whatever the circumstances, it’s a shame this matter couldn’t be resolved.


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