UFO’s and other Shit

UFO’s – ChemTrail Fallout – Germs – Central Oregon

8 thoughts on “UFO’s and other Shit

  1. ChemTrailSkys

    @2plus2to5 Really!? I have never heard that…That’s possible! I don’t rule anything out!

  2. 2plus2to5

    how about that: I know about those “sky snakes” and they say it’s comming to hydrate itself in the high part of our atmosphere and stuff.. and I think that the ChemTrails “could be” maked to kill them or something like that.. an idea.. let’s say that’s only a ChemTrail consequence

  3. gigantopithecus01

    Look, the rest is cool, but remember that gliders don’t flap either, and vultures are much better engineered than any glider.


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