UFOs chemtrails & fake planes 5 March 2010 Uxbridge UK spacecowboy1954.

chemtrails pouring out of orbs mimmicking planes Uxbridge West London England filmed by spacecowboy1954, Music by The Orb

25 thoughts on “UFOs chemtrails & fake planes 5 March 2010 Uxbridge UK spacecowboy1954.

  1. Kokesdan

    The chemtrail planes are under some stealth or cloaking technology. I used a telescope to see which airlines do that shit.
    But you can´t focus them from a closer distance. If you focus them, there is no plane, or there is one but transparent or it has only one wing or is distorted. I think they are using some orbs or technology that people don´t know. Try this by yourself and you will be badly surprised !!!

  2. matthewlane

    @sumstuff46 Whats the bet i wont die this year or early 2012. You americans really do like inventing non existant problems to pretend to fight against don’t you.

  3. 2dogarage

    If they are holograms how do they disperse chemicals? Isn’t it more likely they are drones? That might also explain some of the patterns… bored gamers back at base.

  4. sumstuff46

    The MILITARY is 100’s of years ahead in technology than what were shown

    We will only see this technology used AGAINST US

  5. sumstuff46

    @spacecowboy1954 man oh man theres alot of fake planes , i seen a couple here in halifax ns, NO PLANE JUST TRAILS WAS INVISIBLE PLANE

  6. ghosthunternumberone

    @philipp35a Yup & the media is currently once again pushing for people to get vaccinated!!!

  7. Koer32

    They are Holograms! I was just on a flight from AZ to NYC and zoomed in on one of these Chemtrail Planes! When it crossed past the sun the frequency of the sun caused and interruption in the hologram! THEY ARE HOLOGRAMS! The sun is extremely powerful and key to awakening and so the powers that be blanket the skies to keep the sun from putting that spark in the people. We are waking up anyway. Evolution is imminent.

  8. LucianoOX9

    hmm .. this kind of “plane” flies out of the atmosphere, the stratosphere at a speed of + – 6000 miles per hour, and usually only one, at least until today I did not see more than one flying the same direction, is really very strange

  9. Whiterhin018

    there not orbs man, there aerosol planes (drones maybe) trying to create artificial cloud cover under the guise of geo-engineering when what they are really doing is making the atmosphere a vessel for HAARPs energy to travel through so that they can create non lethal military holograms (think pheonix lights), scalar weapons, particle beam weapons, missle blocking tesla sheilds. The aerosols are metal particles (aluminum, barium, strontium) that make the atmosphere charged all the time.

  10. LFCsoldier

    damn dude, you guys are getting pounded by them! the side by side “planes” are wild! keep catching them!

  11. datninjadumus

    Im thinking about starting my own channel with nothing but chemtrail videos that i record of my front porch. It goes on all day everyday where i live (like 15 minutes away from N.O.R.A.D.) It is fucking ridiculous! I want to know WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ghosthunternumberone

    @searchn4mytruth Chemtrails also spray alluminium oxide, which affects our brains, causes alzheimers disease etc!!!

  13. ghosthunternumberone

    @searchn4mytruth Dont know where u got this info, but they have many purposes, population reduction, breaking down our immune systems, breathing problems, make us sterile etc, maybe even dropping viruses on us, also weather manipulation etc, possibly in comjunction with Haarp!

  14. ghosthunternumberone

    @spacecowboy1954 What gives you the idea that something that looks like a plane is a UFO? Do u mean an alien space craft??? I know we are being sprayed, but i dont think it;s by aliens, these lot are evil enough as it is!!!

  15. camokbear1

    WARNING CHEMTRAIL ALERT. WE thought all spraying stopped in Cal U.S.A. I now get reports from all over the world many places are getting hammered and thier bee and bat populations are dying. I got a report of night spraying in southern cal U.S.A.. Cal residents please check the night sky and send me your reports. Whats happening out there? If you live some where else please report on your area. 1. Time of spraying. 2. Area & country. 3.How often. 4.Illnesses ect. Thank you. God bless you all.

  16. searchn4mytruth

    Chem trails have one purpose, to try to keep the planet cooler, to try to block out the KUNDALINI energy from coming by was of the Sun..Cant stop universal energy…

  17. msdnsoft

    besides the UK Government admits doing this in the 70’s but we all know that it is still happening today and that’s what they deny.

  18. msdnsoft

    I believe they are chemtrails as it happens here in Glasgow, this only happens at night about 1 in the morning cause we can here them passing several times, but i would need to see more evidence of ‘ufo’ doing it.


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