On Monday 29 Aug 2011 while filming chemtrails passing by the sun I captured a purple ray which on closer inspection discovered what looks like a mesh, it’s absolutely incredible! plus what looks like a ship next to the sun moving in conjunction with a chemplane, plus black chemtrails and ufo projecting holographic plane! Seeing is believing!!!

26 thoughts on “UFOS PLASMA SKIES AND BLACK CHEMTRAILS PART 1 OF 2 / 29 AUG 2011 music by djzen

  1. Numbnutts420

    Actually that’s just a cloud and a lense flair and you wasted an hour making a video? about a regular old plane spraying regular old CONDENSATION

  2. 64revolt

    honestly, you need to study more. you honestly believe that a lensflare, which is an optical? artefact is an ufo?

    oh, and it’s contrails, not “chemtrails”.
    honestly, you failed science 101 pretty hard, huh?

  3. sumNkim

    I hope I don’t sound dumb when I say this…lol but I think they are, kinda like, polluting the? air/sky with whatever they are spraying, so that when the new world order happens, this will be able to make the holographic images to appear all around the world in the sky.

  4. Marthanan Bonelli

    Hello VinsUplifting, I recorded first part of video by Dreamadman called (U.S.A. Kansas chemtrails) I filmed in the tiny town of Bazine Kansas,but said i lived in Manhattan Kansas to protect my identity.Now i just use my real name.Ness city Kansas had a nasty chemtrailed spring.90 degree weather on April fools day.Now its June 26,2012.I have not seen any honey bees yet,just a few wasps.Garden and soil begging for? rain.Click up chemtrail planes,and chemtrail planes spraying…California web page.

  5. VinsUplifting

    Awesome, recently i saw a “plane” leaving chemtrails with only one “reactor” and behind and a little over it, i saw what was like an? invisible plane (well, almost xD) with the same shape and following at the same speed, i wish i had a camera.

  6. VinsUplifting

    The other day? i saw a “plane” where only one “reactor” was leaving chemtrails i wish i had a cam.

  7. andrew rasta

    Very cool Vid clips you make, And yes I agree Ufo’s and Chemtrails do have a direct connection +
    I have no idea why they are doing this,spraying Barium and unknown pathogens into our fresh air I also noticed right after you made this vid there was a mass animal death thing going on word wide,thing like whales, fish, crabs and any bird? that ate this seafood also died, thats good old metal poisoning for you. And pathogens,you find those in shit, common really why spray this shit over our heads

  8. andrew rasta

    check out A NEW SWIRRELED ORDER on youtube …..they’re coming and this movie just adds? proof to there existence.PEACE very cool video…

  9. Marthanan Bonelli

    I love the music,hate the chemtrails.Chemtrails work in conjuction with Haarp and cell phone microwave towers.Chemtrailing in America is getting worse daily.Yesterday i saw a chemtrail in front of the jet,and then the jet go over? black path in front of nose of jet.Was it a hologram.Wierd.This was in the sky’s over beautiful Ness,county Kansas.I wonder if it was spraying out of a new 2012 front nosil.Nothing surprises me anymore.All we can do is see if a sixth earth extiction is coming 2012.Space

  10. 64moonlite

    wow. They are really at work. They look like missiles. Some kinda of Bio-Chemical spray. Bug spray. Looks like the earth or humans R under contamination against emerging of pesticides from man made plagues to scientific plagues? or verso. Nice Cam~~(@

  11. terracer

    Focus on the plant life – especially the trees and bushes…Digital night vision works well to see what you need to see…?

  12. terracer

    Great video.. THANKS – I too have seen and photographed the mesh looking stuff and I believe I know what it is. Numerous air/soil/water tests have confirmed aluminum/barium/strontium is being sprayed. I believe? when the aerosols spread into psuedo-clouds (made of the 3 ingredients mentioned) they are energized by HAARP which basically allows them to be used like giant LCD displays.. Then ANY image desired can be transmitted to it via satellite…

  13. Nicurru

    Life on Mars, life on the Moon, holographic planes and birds, plasma clouds, chemtrails, fake moonlanding, UFOs, artificial sky… What will the next be? I wont be surprised if? I find out that everything about our solarsystem and the universe is fake too. Has anything ever been real? If anyone know what real is…

  14. Riff Raft Jones

    Has anyone noticed that the clouds move in front and? behind the sun and the moon now. how is this possible


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