UFOs The Complete Truth – Aliens Among Us 1

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25 thoughts on “UFOs The Complete Truth – Aliens Among Us 1


    @pilytkid I think that is why you dont hear it from nearly every one.If the idea of abduction wasnt frowned apon every second person would come out and say i have been abducted or have been visited.And then the human race would know the truth.Its because we suppress people and there opinions that the truth remains hidden?


    @R2DTOOD Have you ever removed the implants?Ive heard if you take them out and you are in a secluded area where you can be accessed without to much attention to them they put it back in?Can you try it and let me know?Remove it in a remote location then stay there for a few nights and see if the come back.Please try it and let me know!

  3. R2DTOOD

    @pilytkid ,they like to experiment with some of us that are perfect for their experiments,they dont like it when we introduce drugs to our bodies,it ruins their plans,ive been abducted several times,i have implants,they track me wherever i go,theres no running from these monsters and their not planning in stopping anytime soon,why we are being harvested like guinea pigs i ll never know

  4. orioion21

    Can anyone one tell be about the white owl? The white owl was stairing at me for quite awhile up in a tree. You just dont see an owl like that in the area. the eyes, looking at me silence.

  5. raggedmoorlander

    UFOs The Complete Truth, eh? As opposed to what – ‘UFOs the Complete Pack of Lies’? Or ‘UFOs Part Truth Part Lies’, perhaps? Ha ha. Why do we need to be told it’s ‘the complete truth’? It reminds me of politicians’ speeches: ‘We must move forward…’ (as opposed to backward)… While I try to figure out why people write such vacuous nonsense, I think I’ll go a view some REAL GENUINE FOOTAGE!!!!!

  6. Bundydeb1

    in for a shock – theres different types from different planets – NASA has lied for years – wakeup cause if you dont you are gonna pass out from shock soon

  7. pilytkid

    @musemic80 You are skeptical because you haven’t seen or witnessed close up so it is understandable that you giggle. Ive never seen anyone be knifed or shot in the head but i hear that these things go on in the paper and on tv news, and logically i know they happen but im sure the true gravity of these events never stay with you until you are involved with real blood and bones and real brain flying in the air

  8. pilytkid

    @musemic80 ive had 2 close encounters 1st time when i was 9 years of age 2nd time when i was 43 years of age and ive had many far to mid range sightings with all different craft, Firstly i don’t need to prove to anyone the things ive seen, anyone that has had an encounter will tell you that trying to prove yourself to other people is the most annoying of situations and will drive you nus, and one that i no longer put myself in. The facts are overwhelming and so is the subject,

  9. musemic80

    @pilytkid your saying you believe in aliens? your saying they are real? ……*giggles* haha!
    i think your mind is illogical, unless you actually saw one…. then fine but prove it, before you tell me i have no idea what im talking about.
    UFO as in definition might be real but not as referred to as an” Aliens Spacecraft”
    could be any other kind of UFO..

  10. pilytkid

    @musemic80 you argument is totally illogical you state there not real but if i see one i will believe it.
    You have no idea what you saying always a good time to keep quite lol

  11. 357MagnumBob

    We Christians (the ones who have bothered to find out) know exactly what this is, why it is happening and how anyone can stop nonmilitary encounters. We are unsurprised at this. It has been going on at least since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Why are people involved in the occult far more likely to encounter these beings? Why do these beings do lots of lying? Before the 1950’s they were from Mars and Venus. Now that we know this is impossible, they are from Zeta Reticuli or the Pleiades.

  12. bigdog88ification

    @MegaSchoolgyrls1 every body should no that they went to a other plante every body should be happy that they went to a other plante

  13. musemic80

    This guy needs to stop lying to himself, Aliens such as “Greys” and otheres similar to them are NOT REAL!
    Jeez .. unless i see one myself when i walk down the street or where ever…
    i will believe it 😉


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