Unusual Sunbeam in Chemtrail Sunset Western Pa

The camera didn’t pick it up really well but the sun was giving off a beam or column of light up through several cloud layers. Caught my eye. The chemtrail c…

3 thoughts on “Unusual Sunbeam in Chemtrail Sunset Western Pa

  1. TheOldskooldiva

    I wish other people would notice like you and I. These are not normal
    sunsets,. Why are they trying to hide the sun with chemtrails? I live in
    the uk and I see the same every night. Great video.

  2. MsNumber1rider

    sickening blanket of toxic chemicals – come to ‘ chemtrails global sky
    watch’ on facebook & share your vids & pics – this is sooo disturbing
    people think think is pretty – it is DANGEROUS & TOXIC


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