URGENT Electromagnetic “Mind-Parasites” the Gnostics dubbed ARCHONS dousing skies w/ LIQUID CRYSTALS

100% proof liquid crystals are being dumped in our atmosphere in the guise of “contrails”, clouds, etc. Here are the precise observations of these substances which match precisely to the extraordinarily unique properties of liquid crystals: 1. Obvious visual comparisons in “static” like appearance including size, shape, orientiional alignment, velocity, etc. 2. Unique refractory properties of light enhancing illumination (supermoon anyone?), prism effects at certain densities, bright pink/orange at sunrise & sunset. 3. Clearly defined plasma membranes in the orb structures which morph in & out 4. Precise geomerty matching liquid crystal formations including circular & hexagonal structures. 5. When viewing the formations with Edge Detection the formations clearly originate from a central source spreading out in dendritic patterns up & over the sky 6. There are precise wave patterns from the liquid substances which also flow out in viscous fingering 7. You can clearly see these crystals in their various phases including nematic & smectic states 8. These formations clearly form a grid-like pattern, unique to crystalline substances, which act as a waveguide or super highway for EMF’s to transmit through our atmosphere. This is now a no-brainer & you need to recognize the human race is under attack by a dark force who is manipulating the skies to eliminate the protective aspects of our atmosphere so that solar radiation & EMF’s from our modern day technology are enhanced

23 thoughts on “URGENT Electromagnetic “Mind-Parasites” the Gnostics dubbed ARCHONS dousing skies w/ LIQUID CRYSTALS

  1. bobbygrewal47

    why do people bring religion into everything!!?? all religions are bullshit and mean nothing. religions were CREATED to DIVIDE and CONQUER. and what ever is going on needs to come out and for the? people to stop living in a bubble of illusions.

  2. archel lausa

    I thought it was The views of the gangnam style which would end the world..

    and why would anyone believe in nostradamus he was just a human,,,

    just read the bible go to the page of revelation, do not believe in nostradamus believe what john the baptist said,,, They were? both humans but “GOD” (amen) supported John the baptist to write the truth of what possibly could end the world..


  3. oldbohemian16

    Millions of planes? No, just hundreds. They don’t mind being sprayed .. BECAUSE THEY WANT IT THEMSELVES. Who can afford this? The elite. They live inside the HOLLOW EARTH. Just guessing on the hollow? earth part.

  4. oldbohemian16

    Anybody checked out this fourwinds10. n e t link I have there? cant copy and paste,? but take out all the spaces.

  5. tsaklar

    it out as if it were your own thought. Your response hits at the very core of this mind-game & I’m not dogging it as? it’s simply an output based upon eons of misguided information about the true nature of ourselves & this reality. If it “sounds” preposterous I hope you at least recognize none of us had any input whatsoever on what concepts should & should not be labeled as such. If you really want to invoke your sense of “unbelievable” take a look at my more recent video posts. Take care, TS

  6. tsaklar

    this has nothing to do with “conspiracy”. And “poison in the air”? You do realize not only does your comment have absolutely nothing to do with the material being shared along with the overwhelming scientific observations in support of liquid crystals, but this response of yours was generated well before you took the time to type it out. You may as? well have tucked away knee-jerk rejections & assumptions which upon encountering a keyword or theme you could automatically string together & spit

  7. MrVioletpandora

    malicious propaganda to create fear and paranoia in the minds of gullible believers. This deluded paranoia nonsense outrageous conspiracy act has gone too far and many have started to believe in this nonsense!! For any poison in the air it would take no more than an hour to kill us, not decades! the money spent on worldwide infrastructure would be in trillions of dollars and millions of pilots and planes required!! But? the foolish will believe anything no matter how preposterous it may sound!

  8. Jamie Fitzgerald

    All this is being displayed through an LCD screen, so how can the relevance? to crystals even exist as an argument?

  9. oldbohemian16

    micro chipping us from the inside out with c hem trails. w w w.fourwinds10.n e t/site run_data/environment/humans/chem trails/news.p hp?q=1216155860 put it? all together

  10. tsaklar

    This isn’t about “conspiracies”, a New World Order agenda, Hollywood alien scenarios, Mayan prophecies & religious events. This is a mind-game & incredibly enough I have recently come across the spiritual wisdom of the Gnostics in which their texts dating back 2,000 years describe the nature of the “game” & electromagnetic “mind-parasites” dubbed the Archons with remarkable precision. Let the rational mind be a guide, but the path to true enlightenment? is through the heart. Take care

  11. tsaklar

    In a world founded upon deceit truth is as difficult to find as anything. Start with researching liquid crystals as these substances are so extraordinary they exhibit extremely precise & unique qualities; & although I have spread them across multiple videos we’re now at a point where literally every single physical property of LC’s? has been observed, documented, & aligned to hard-core science. Take a look at my latest videos & channel comments as I have brought the entire picture together.

  12. Darksentences

    These mysteries are only the tip of the iceberg.
    There is a time coming when the ancients will raise from their graves, and the truth will be revealed.
    Our governments are working with fallen beings whose sinister plans for humanity are absolutely insidious. They also plan? to fend off an invasion from a force that has our best interest at heart.
    This invasion is in the works, and soon to be deployed.
    In my recent trip across three huge western states (1200mi.) I witnessed mass chem trails.

  13. ChemTrailsMN

    Thanks for your Videos and hard work! *** I Encourage Everyone to Video what You see above YOUR CITY and? create your OWN YouTube Channel! *** Upload your videos and be sure to include the date and the City and State and Country you are making the video in. If you want to Lean More about ChemTrails Watch the Video (its free on YouTube) “What in the World are they Spraying?” Your questions will be answered there! Thanks again from Minnesota USA and? PLEASE check out MY Videos! — ChemTrailsMN —

  14. TheBackgroundNoise

    @tsaklar great video. thank you for creating it. please look at one I? just uploaded today? I caught them malfunctioning and so it proves 100% that it’s no contrail

  15. MrMaxBliss

    OMG incredible skies….how can this be officially denied by the establishment? How long will be people continue to be victims of this mass deception? ? Time to wake up and expose the truth? and expose the corrupt puppeticians who allow this. My friends there are enough pieces of evidence for a call to action on the authorities deceiving the Public they could use HAARP to switch polarity and cause the catastrophe the NWO wants to force UN agenda 21 and force survivors in to living zones..


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