US Military Ownership of GLOBAL Weather, Chemtrails Explained by The Massachusetts School of Law.

Unilateral Planetary-Scale Geoengineering: Geoengineering and the Challenge of Global Governance – Council on Foreign Relations Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States as Big Government Claims Ownership Over Our Water – ‘Geo-engineering’ is the ultimate in pursuit of high risk ‘techno-fixes’ to the world’s big ecological problems. Its proponents want to use technology to attempt to ‘re-engineer’ the environment, for example by fertilising the ocean to produce huge algal blooms that supposedly will absorb carbon dioxide, or by polluting the upper atmosphere with nanoparticles in an attempt to deflect UV radiation and stop global warming. 191 countries recently rejected geo-engineering as environmentally reckless. But this week an announcement for the Australian Government’s “Climate Ready Program” suggested that geo-engineering projects using genetic engineering or nanotechnology may be eligible for federal funding The Air Force is on record as saying they want to control the weather by 2025. The Massachusetts School of Law’s Educational Forum presents part 2 of a Conference on Global Climate Change with Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, author, educator and environmental writer. For more information visit THIS VIDEO ORIGINALLY UPLOADED JAN. 2010. Scroll down and see US MILITARY are the sponsors for Australian Weather Modification and Hydrometorology services… WEATHER FRACKERS

21 thoughts on “US Military Ownership of GLOBAL Weather, Chemtrails Explained by The Massachusetts School of Law.

  1. GregOrca


    Who started the hoax?
    It started on the Art Bell radio show and was championed by? professional hoaxer Will Thomas who tried to make money from books and DVDs he could sell to gullible people.

  2. GregOrca

    here’s? a classic newspaper article from 1968:

    news . google . com/newspapers?id=ri0mAAAAIBAJ&sjid=Zv4FAAAAIBAJ&pg=925,1392534&dq=contrails&hl=en

  3. GregOrca



  4. GregOrca


    ?journals .? ametsoc . org/doi/pdf/10.1175/1520-0469(1970)027%3C0937%3AAOOCEO%3E2.0.CO%3B2?

    cires . colorado . edu/science/groups/pielke/classes/atoc7500/knollenberg72.pdf

  5. GregOrca

    @flinterstoud There are HUNDREDS of documents!
    ?”The spreading of jet contrails into extensive? cirrus sheets is a familiar sight. Often, when persistent contrails exist from? 25,000 to 40,000 ft, several long contrails increase in number and gradually merge into an almost solid interlaced sheet.”?

    ?from Peter Kuhn,” Airborne Observations of Contrail Effects on the Thermal Radiation Budget” published 1970.?
    ?Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences Volume 27, Issue 6 (September 1970) ?

  6. flinterstoud

    @GregOrca Thanx for putting some light in here: but could you find a video/document of a persistent contrail? before 2000 or 90’s?

  7. GregOrca


    Thailand’s royal rainmaking developed by the king of thailand (historically king of Siam) uses a combination of silver iodide and a second pass of? table salt.
    You didn’t know that
    Aluminium and barium are extremely radar reflective. If either were present behind aircraft they would be detected in all weather and atc radars.
    That cannot be detected in either because they are not present.
    The trails in the sky are ice crystals.

  8. GregOrca

    Do, silver iodide is used for cloud seeding.
    3.5 ounces are spread per 100miles of forward travel but cloud seeders don’t actually fly in continuous paths. They use propeller planes at low altitude within or below nimbus clouds.
    Cloud seeding does not leave visible trails.
    You guys are confusing cloud seeding and hypothetical proposals for geoengineering.
    Ie, you don’t understand the difference between climate and weather.

    I work on VFX movies.
    What asylum? do you belong to?

  9. flidhais65

    @GregOrca Last I heard they didn’t cloud seed with barium and aluminum (both? dessicants) so what shill group do you work for?

  10. GregOrca

    Who is disputing weather modification? We have been doing it here in Australia since the 1950s.
    I sat in a cloud seeding plane as? part of a school excursion in the 1960s.
    It’s just that you folks do not understand contrail formation and have been suckered into believing that persistent contrails never existed in the past. They did.

  11. hplaserjet2001


    Your anger and hostility is? misdirected.

    You should be angry at the government? agencies that are spraying chemtrails.

    They are poisoning you too!

  12. hplaserjet2001


    And, they have built themselves 265+ deep undergrounds bases that can house 100,000s. They’ve? been planning for the mass awakening for decades.

  13. luchiadance

    @GregOrca, Hahaha just cant help some people lol show them an orange they would say its an apple. What is your real reason for disputing weather modification? are you just getting off on the attention?? are you actually sayin you dont believe in weather modification? geoengineering or ELF weapons aka Haarp?

  14. GregOrca


    What nonsense. None of the materials you mentioned are in the trails in the sky.
    There is none and never has been Ethylene dibromide in Jet Fuel. It is an anti knock agent used in piston engines.
    Aluminium is the third most common element on Earth. All soils contain an average of 7.1% aluminium.
    Barium is NOT radioactive. barium naturally occurs in? most soils with typical natural concentrations between 100,000ug/L to 3,000,000ug/L

  15. GregOrca

    No, you just have lots of photos of persistent contrails. Chemtrails do not exist but are a hoax? intended to fool the gullible for financial gain. They simply attribute a paranoid fantasy name to a perfectly normal well understood atmospheric phenomena.
    Your beklief is just as delusional as calling the white trails behind speed boats “chemwakes”



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