US Reported – Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India Nigeria

US Reported In “Panic†After Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India, Nigeria…

14 thoughts on “US Reported – Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India Nigeria

  1. 5452347

    This story has been plagiarized since at least 2009 but as posted on fourwinds10 the date is current to 2013 which would leave any critical thinker to ask why they didn’t list? the actual reporting date of this indecent as four years ago instead of 2013. I’m not doubting it happened, just saying that if we want to spread truth, let’s be accurate about it. I found parts of this story posted on the Baltimore Chronicle’s site in 2009.

  2. Afearthenrut

    lol, Sorcha at it again; disinfo queen from the “kremlin”. Don’t forget? about the entire militia that were slaughtered in the mid-west recently; lol…

  3. whatservicetojoin

    The Conspiracies to murder people with ChemTrails & the Conspiracies to steal Elections & the Conspiracies to murder people with Dangerous Radiation from? Electricity Meters r part of the larger Conspiracy to launch a Military-Coup by putting Military Technology under control of Illegals? & Fags.
    Learn more !
    Check my Site !?
    And share my Letters To Veterans !

  4. Jeffrey Alden

    Bill Donahue
    Emerald Tablet
    Sumerian? Clay Tablets
    All Ancient Okkult Works
    ..& ex. fear.of.jail, so.we get the vaccine, etc. etc. etc. stand up for yourself and be who you are. that is all you can be nothing more nothing less : : De’Aldeen : . 2piphiinfinity

  5. Jeffrey Alden

    . ; PEOPLE GATHER & HEAR MY WORDS: yes real, but we.need.not Fear… what will lower our? immune systems, That is what they want. take the time you have now to destroy all fear as I have in the last year. last year I went to sell all my things for an AR and some rounds. – I said to myself I can either live in fear for the rest of my life or just destroy the fear thus destroying all the negativity in my life. Use the resources we have available: Bill Donahue’s Hidden Meanings :.:

  6. Yukidongo

    Thank you for the heads up. And, you are right about the truth sayers, and we are first on the list when they create whatever disaster to relocate us to the FEM camps. I am amazed that so many outside our country can see what the sheeple fail to see as it is actually playing out. Wish there were more journalists like YOU? in America, right now.

  7. Gary Arnold

    Chemtrail ..Operation Cloverleaf … has been non stop in? Northern and central California … see … Chemtrails … Santa Cruz Staying the Deadly Course

  8. 101healing

    Thank you so much for making the time to translate this to video. I will also upload it to our chemtrail site at :// stopnortherncaliforniachemtrails. blogspot.
    com Also an alert coming from Hawaii? that there is a load of the Norovirus in the next storm. They are cautioning people to stay out of the rain and snow, wash your hands, spray your homes with vinegar to help. Also, load up on vitamin C, throughout the day an average 150 lb person should be getting 1 to 10 grams per day.


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