USA UFO Incredible Footage over China

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25 thoughts on “USA UFO Incredible Footage over China

  1. FreedomPLMarcin

    usa has this technology in area 51, they wont reveal this. why? military and world wide security…

  2. 20091cali

    My brother say’s that the Chinese are the aliens…haven”t you ever wonder why they are always in a group and never mixed with others…at school they never spoke to know one but their own race….hahaaha/

  3. PaladinHludwig

    Great footage! I would like to tell everyone to search for Niagara Falls UFO in youtube. There are lots of videos of a giant glowing craft. Niagara Falls is a HOTSPOT of UFO activity!

  4. luzmarte2003

    Hola. El ovni que has grabado es verdadero, ya que estoy grabando lo mismo oculto por el fulgor del Sol desde hace años, así como también volando por el aire dejando estela de vapor unas veces y otras no. Saludos

  5. limpampoo

    Chinese space ship, are you kidding me? They can make only cheap crap which will be broken after few minutes or seconds, all they can do realy good it’s fucking and make more chinese….


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