USAF Stratotankers, Chemtrail Grids & UFO Orbs

Investigative Report – Are military aircraft part of a covert aerosol spraying program? What is the connection between chemtrails & UFO Orb sightings? Are Di…

10 thoughts on “USAF Stratotankers, Chemtrail Grids & UFO Orbs

  1. The Paulstal Service

    Did you hear about the military testing done in St. Louis during the cold
    war, which is now declassified? Where pretty much the entire city was
    sprayed with radioactive particles? The military does all sorts of messed
    up stuff it’s all secret- the pilots spraying it (assuming the planes
    aren’t remotely controlled) are about as brainwashed as a person can get-
    They think they’re doing cloud seeding.

  2. ffalztar74

    My wife caught an orb / ufo while filming chemtrails being made. You can
    view it , search: Chemtrails Nov. 2012 May be other’s with simular names.
    reference my username.

  3. ILstate7thRegime

    I heard a theory that the ones who pilot those planes are demon/human
    hybrds. Ive seen planes spray these chemitrials over my hometown. And
    whatever there spraying is some kind of black stuff. Sometimes i could see
    the black stuff mixing with the clouds ext.

  4. The Paulstal Service

    No, they just go to whatever house they have in the Southern Hemisphere, or
    in the Pacific.. The elite don’t have to “stick around” at their jobs- they
    just go wherever this stuff isn’t happening. They probably have the
    complete schedule, and have planned their whereabouts months or years in

  5. Robert Williams

    Though I acknowledge the existence of forms of chemtrails, its
    organizations like the NOAA, etc that does it, not us in the C-17’s and
    KC-135’s. Better watch out for those evil C-17’s and 135’s, we are out to
    get you. You are too paranoid about us. You are looking in the wrong

  6. MoonshineTora

    r u serious? We r in a century of air-traveling & usa is in war with
    diffrent states. so they HAVE to fly. Here (Ramstein air base) are flying a
    lot of plains OMG, AIR base, PLAINS this HAVE to be a conspiracy. And
    here’re so many airports Saarbrücken, Zweibrücken Hahn OMG SO MANY
    AIRPLAINS. the longer a contrail the colder is the atmospheric layer.
    Contrails are spreading when there are a supply of humid air means
    unsettled wether. Should we stop flying? HF by shippin’ for weeks over the

  7. Cybort800

    Who is to say that these planes aren’t remote piloted? If not its easy to
    tell pilots a cover story…if they ask too many questions they have an
    accident…just look at the u.usually high murder/death rate of
    microbiologists in the last few years…kind of makes the rest want to keep


    Why would the pilots knowingly do this? they have to come down and breathe
    too, havent heard of anyone walking around with gasmasks on.


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