25 thoughts on “Vancouver, BC Sept 2 ’08

  1. launoteama23

    Amazing footage. Sadly, those motherfuckers do whatever they want…until when ppl are going to wake up…

    fuck the new world order…resistencia en México!

  2. jana9999

    Unbelievable footage. Wow, it’s amazing how blatant they were. When are ppl gonna wake up. This is the best footage I’ve seen so far. Now that is proof. I’m sending the link to everyone I know who doesn’t know. And most ppl don’t know about chemtrails. I told 6 ppl today cause I was shocked by the time I got to work. None of them ever heard about chemtrails.

  3. Juelz6o4

    In North Van the sky was clear until I saw chemtrails there was a bunch of rippled lines going different dirrections and cross over old paths then the trails then shortly turned into a cloudy haze that seems to be spreading..

  4. jamieball

    I hate it when this happens.. the day time turns into a hazy mess and it can’t possibly healthy.. then when I am out at night with my telescope they fog up the sky again and this bothers me. Who are these heartless people and why must they do this?!

  5. sealalula

    i am from singapore and will be going to vancouver next week for 1 month :)
    i will be staying in Richmond, Gilbert Road !!!!

  6. feefeeblu

    i live in vancouver area. is there a group of activists on this?? i’ve been watching the skies for about a year now and I would like to see what we can do about it. i’m worried for my children’s future.

  7. PsychoMatt01

    Great Post, I’ve always wanted to follow them to see who’s piloting them or if there sent drones, they do some odd manovering.

    Why are they spraying them though, we know whats in it but is it really population control? Lowering Immune System? Weather Modification? Or something else and more? I’ve even heard it going into Holographic Projection. Keep searching. =)

  8. mskydolphin

    What does Harper say about this?
    What does Harper say about Haarp?
    Why doesn’t the airforce shoot them down?

    David Icke has talked about this for years.

    See Google video-

    David Icke – Freedom to Fascism part 1

  9. drumsetc

    The “Black Line” in this video is a shadow of the 2nd chemtrail showing in the falling particulate of the 1st one.
    They were spraying all day that day and the air was “misty” like a light rain. I was looking SW w/ the camera, the sun was setting but still higher than the clouds. Simple lighting mathematics folks. Nothing sinister but a shadow. The REST of the Chemtrail is what’s sinister.
    I know probably 20 people in the last 2 weeks who have unexpectedly gotten sick, myself included.

  10. drumsetc

    Folks. This is serious stuff here. ANY ONE who disses another person will have the comment removed and if it continues, I will block you. This is what the powers that be want to happen. Be a leader not a whiner.


    this is hideous.

    we must get into action, these are more than just shocking, they are likely to be killing us all, slowly – unless some of what they spray is more dangerous, in which case they will kill us quickly.

    get ur micron fine breathing apparatus ready.
    tesssssco will probably be stocking them soon.

  12. stackrat10

    Lets see Humm Like your emty profile and your 32 videos you,ve watched. Your a real authority on Chem-trails. Oh yes and your 25 years old. I see years of experience under your belt. You just sound like a tool for dis-information I mean shoot you have the Gridsmasher Chemtrail busting name and all. Start doing a little more research and get out of Wikipedia. Start looking up and you will see with your own eyes 2 planes flying One leaving a normal Contrail which we all know about,then the chemtra

  13. stackrat10

    Posted last comment before completely watching. That was a great shot of the black line effect. Thats really wild when that happens and to catch it on tape great job!! I’ll be glad when we learn more on that.

  14. mycomind

    Chem trails are visual evidence of industrial societies desperate last ditch efforts to block out sunlight in an effort to counter global warming. The end is near and they know it. No more power tripping parasite politicians to deal with. Kiss it goodbye!

  15. trillion33

    this makes east vancouver island light up in the evening from reflected light in the ‘chem-densation?’… crazy sunsets opposite the sun.

    Don’t fear or worry about it, GET ACTIVE and stop it. We know who is letting this be done and sometimes, more often than not, it’s us. By being content and appreciating all they do ‘for’ us, we enable them to do this “TO” us.

    Peace. Period! This is our only time. Time is something you make, it’s not limited to just something you experience.


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