Water and New Madrid-evacuation to farmers

1 How to escape the earthquake in New Madrid for free. 2 Nibiru and chemtrail dreams. 3 Practical tips for surviving You van add me on Facebook: www.facebook.com Read my diary here: mikaellov.blogspot.com this is my homepage, but Illuminati is cencuring it with commercial: sweden2012.bloggplatsen.se For you who wants to join our Vara Celebration with free living and entertainment and deserve a ticket to our Ark Q1, please send this letter to me and Fredrik so we know how many homes we must prepare, you can be anonymous, your email is your identity. If nothing happens in the US, you don’t have to come: To fredrik.nelander@vara.se, jorgenlof@hotmail.com Hi Fredrik, My name is Xxxxxxxxx and I live in Yyyyyyy USA, and I am very concerned about the safety of this coastal area from what I foresee as calamity of major proportions to be visited on these United States of America by Nibiru’s crossing, the Galactic alignment, as well as the possibility of nuclear exchange. Let’s face it ,we aren’t making many friends these days! I would like to come to Vara and work for Vara celebration. I want to be saved! I want to contribute! I want to evolve! My life is rife with synchronicities and I am very aware of the truths so long hidden from the masses! I am awake! Haarp, Illuminati, Fema camps, Nibiru, chemtrails, free energy, hollow earth, UFO’S etc. So much deception by the ‘elite’ to save their own asses underground and on bases on mars and the moon all at us expendible taxpayers

25 thoughts on “Water and New Madrid-evacuation to farmers

  1. momobearnigga

    is there any conspiracy theorist who live in georgia,i think that if more of us stick together in the states that we are in, we can suvivr alot better

  2. mikaelsweden2012

    @mikaelsweden2012 Youtube does something with the links, I guess it’s a page-break somewhere, google “mudpie haithi” / Mikael

  3. mikaelsweden2012

    @gunthergator Money are full of poison, better to use money for a fire and eat the mud :-) see here: open.salon.com/blog/judy_mandelbaum/2010/01/18/this_side_of_starvation_the_mud_pies_of_haiti

  4. mikaelsweden2012

    @mikaelsweden2012 If the link doesn’ work, click on the “Öppna bloggens startsida” /Mikael or open it in the videotext above.

  5. mikaelsweden2012

    @LisaDianeRN You could be right. I don’t know and I don’t have inside information. According to the revelation, there will be two separate events. Send the letter and we will book a home for you here IF you come, see an example of the houses we are buying for you: mikaellov.blogspot.com/2011/05/vegan-and-invisible-soldiers.html

  6. LisaDianeRN

    Are you aware of the info that’s coming out about 2012 being dis-info? They are saying it’s all going down in 2011. :( I hope they are wrong. You are right about many things. Wish I COULD make it to where you are. Looks much safer there.

  7. LisaDianeRN

    Are you aware of the info that’s coming out about 2012 being dis-info? They are saying it’s all going down in 2011. :( I hope they are wrong.

  8. TODnMO

    Hello my friend! It is good to see you are well. I am grateful for your vid and the information…may yhwh bless you and your family and friends! Some of us have the duty to stay here in New Madrid….I am one of them. I am happy to be here…and hope to make it as long as we can. Take care !

  9. dryflyguyok

    I happen to think the fallen angels are inside the earth,all the apparent ufo’s are a blend of theirs and our secret government’s technology

  10. apachejunction1

    can’t understand you on where the dirty bomb is ? Thank you Have you had any dreams about the southwest USA Indian territory like Arizona , New Mexico ?

  11. jevequart

    Oh your a branch off religion? and yes the world is nearing a final conclusion. But only a conclusion of the bad on the world, i believe the earth was made for a reason. God does not make mistakes, the earth was not a mistake, he made the earth for US…and that is were the good faithful will remain. Much like noahs day, he didnt take them to heaven then. they remained on earth.

  12. TheEcco1347

    for 2 years a think a can so manny peoples wake up about the earthquakes and other stuff but they all laught about me.
    now i see it in the face who now and how dont now.
    now its time for everybody to make the sourvival kit ready .
    sorry for the bad english.

  13. TheEcco1347

    god bless the peoples they can understand how importend this stuff is.
    we are on the last step into the depression.
    water is importent and the nesseln (nettles?) are extrem healthy.
    best greets from germany .-ecco1347

  14. mikaelsweden2012

    @jevequart The judgmentday is NOT may 21, Judgment-day is every day until it’s tolate to make a wise choice.


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