Wavy ‘Fog’/Chemtrail/HAARP Aerosol Banks Saanich, Vancouver Isl, BC Canada

Really ugly levels of toxic/carcinogenic and who knows what other diabolical crap in the endless Van Isl aerosol banks… We’re all gonna DIE!!!

11 thoughts on “Wavy ‘Fog’/Chemtrail/HAARP Aerosol Banks Saanich, Vancouver Isl, BC Canada

  1. Jokertattooo

    In response to SkyBlueAugust’s question “what to do to stop this?”: Once we realise they have been using the ‘insurance’, medical, ‘legal’ systems & their regulatory bodies to perpetrate insurance fraud & racketeering to rob, cripple, torture & even kill injured workers, auto accident patient claimants & veterans when they sustain significant injuries & insurance interests?
    Once we realise they’re weaponising our air, water, food & medicine to pursue their global population reduction agenda???

  2. Jokertattooo

    Once we realise they orchestrated the economic & WTC collapses, 911, own the drug & arms dealers/money launderers, sucking money/effort away from our children after using cunning techniques to divide & conquer us, drive our families apart & create attachment voids in our youngsters’ hearts where the love of their parents should be? Once we see that the legal & monetary systems were designed to bewilder, oppress & control us & that they use Satanic & Masonic techniques to control the judiciary???

  3. Jokertattooo

    @SkyBlueAugust Once we are aware of the media censorship, PR, Propaganda, psyops, psycholinguistic, neural – linguistic, psychotropic & psychotronic mind control, vaccinations & terrorisation the ruling group are using to keep us all apathetic? Once we realise we have been ripped off, duped, conned, oppressed, enslaved, lied to about everything & they’ve actually tested bio & chemical weapons on us, poisoned us & funded all sides of every significant conflict, killing our brave & bewildered kin?

  4. Jokertattooo

    @mfromcanada1 Yeah!
    You’d think more people would care about their women, children, elderly & infirm, but the media is as poisonous to their minds as the aluminum/metals, etc. The number of people unwilling to talk about this is completely ridiculous, WEAK & unacceptable. Rather than face the facts they are willing to let it get so far out of control that many of us are going to die of diseases, respiratory illness, cancers & other health complications.
    Weaponised air, water, food & medicine…

  5. LoverOfTheBandBoston

    @casecar haarp is just the tip of the iceberg and if you Google “Tesla Scalar weapons” you will see hundreds of informative links. a rock band put a photo of Haarp on their record album and toured america warning about haarp. See the album cover and chemtrails on a Youtube music video called:

    OmniBlank Haarp Chemtrails

  6. casecar

    Keep it up my friend!!! Great vid… Tried to make other’s “aware” of this Haarp “wave pattern” in our skies in Ontario just last week, “Ya EH, those clouds look real.. LOL
    P.S.- trying to get my channel going as per your request, been so constantly overcast here I can’t even film the spraying Bastards if I wanted… Did post a couple of vid’s on my channel though, take a peek?

  7. YahwehNow3168

    man I would be getting shots of that if I was there with my camera! People are so oblivious to this wierd shit going on in the skies.
    Thanks to you jt for your constant chemical abomination updates.


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