Weather Warfare: The Chemtrail Conspiracy

How, why, and who are ‘they’ spraying? ‘LIKE’ on Facebook: Libertarian Global: ‘A Recommend…

25 thoughts on “Weather Warfare: The Chemtrail Conspiracy

  1. Silver Dust

    We all need to call the FAA and put in a complaint: 866-835-5322
    I posted this a few days ago, and my posting seems to have disappeared.
    Someone is spraying something in our air! Who is doing it, what are they spraying, why are they spraying it and who is paying for it. Its? that simple,,, it should not be a secret.

  2. Hannah Stevens

    Really great videos. All I got to say is good for you!!! You seem to be a young man who is a free-thinker and know your facts. People are very narrow-minded and it is nice? to see someone young like me that is interested in the real things that people don’t know about our world. Props to you!

  3. jennyspennies777

    Well put video! Where do I find info about 1998. I lost a baby in May that year. Normal at 5 months then baby was loaded with problems at 6 months gestation. Chemtrails have been noticed and hated by me? since day one.

  4. PBello

    It’s amazing how the idiots swallow everything, even this obviously strawman? conspiracy crap. Stick to banking, the MIC and the liberal/conservative/whatever bias media, thank you.

  5. mathguy360

    In summer conditions, altitudes from 8,000 to 30,000 meters have temperatures below -40 degrees celcius. So there’s that for your “disproof” of? chemtrails

  6. slwsurfing

    Please watch “Tell Monsanto To Stop Poisoning Hawaii”? – we are their ‘lab rats’-
    they have taken over and poisoned our sacred land! Nos o mush Chemtrails (some) but they don’t want to scare away the tourists!


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