Weather Wars, Natural Airborne Microbes, Or Chemtrail Cover Up?

READ ARTICLE HERE A quick live run down of an article published today on The Intel Hub. Weather Wars, Natural Airborne Microbes, Or Chemtrail Cover Up? Flying bacteria to blame for bad weather, scientists claim after finding microbes in hailstones Read more: Bugs in atmosphere behind bad weather? Bugs in the atmosphere may cause bad weather

25 thoughts on “Weather Wars, Natural Airborne Microbes, Or Chemtrail Cover Up?

  1. mondocrat

    @NotForSale2NWO , it’s what causes the illness called Morgellons by many. These lab made microbes are shielded in the polymer web-like maerial that we see all over plants and trees after chemtrail spraying. After a few days, these webs become a self-replicating type of parasite. It’s very bizarre but researchers such as Dr. Trisha Springstead, Dr. Gwen Scott, and CLifford Carnicom have documented all of this. One YouTuber that has done excellent research into this is skizitgesture.

  2. RetroFishman

    A couple of web sites I use to visit, ill leave them unnamed have announced talking about this as “anti govt” and wont permit threads on this subject as it puts the owner of the web site at risk and was told I could google this subject and find sites with lots of like minded people bitching all in one place. They didnt appreciate me posting photos and opinions and stiring shit up, which is what I wanted to do or at least show people the photos I took and let them draw conclusions. Got banned.

  3. LibertyJewel

    @MrGlasgowTruther4U Haarp is not the only ionospheric heater in the world. There are quite a few forming a vast network. Haarp just happens to be the big daddy.


    I have noticed the earth’s crust dries out very fast after a day or two rain shower.
    Feel it is d/t chemtrails and the metal factor which the sun reflects with
    greater intensity on the ground.

  5. rvlqcitizen

    You don’t block “non” “Christians” I hope. I see that you censor your vids. Let it all hang out brother. To be free, or NOT to be free, THAT is the question. Love you. Peace, Love, and light to you and yours, and I hope that yous all are not in harms way. Too many are as we speak.

  6. rvlqcitizen

    Remember the synthetic bacteria released into the Gulf of Mexico? They were created to survive extreme cold. To survive both at depth AND in the upper atmosphere. They are programmed also to mutate upon demand. We don’t know the purpose, but we DO know it ain’t good.

  7. rvlqcitizen

    @MrGlasgowTruther4U No Sir.HAARP is not the only one.Both Russia and China have them.And it would not surprise me if other countries did to. Russia calls it a Scalar Weapon.And it has NOTHING to do with God, Jehovah, Alla, Ja, or whatever else you wanna call “Him”.This shit goes MUCH deeper and is MUCH bigger than even”Christians” want to or will believe.It is NOT supernatural and it IS OUR responsibility.No matter, see how much your God protects believers when RussiansnChinese raping their kids

  8. rvlqcitizen

    @MrGlasgowTruther4U No Sir. HAARP is not the only one. Both Russia and China have them. And it would not surprise me if other countries did to. Russia calls it a Scalar Weapon.

  9. pimpdarlin

    War is being waged on the human family.
    We are witnessing ‘soft kill’ genocide, the likes of which have never been seen on such a scale & on so many fronts.
    Until enough of us realise the true horror of what is being played out in our lifetime, we are defenceless.
    Most people would laugh or their eyes glaze over if you spoke of this…
    Yet, to anyone who knows what is being done to humanity, & the audacious written plans which announce depopulation & enslavement, it is happening. Here & now.

  10. artsychic2000

    @MrGlasgowTruther4U how about cern? You know they are using cern for demonic reasons. I believe it could be several levels up from haarp. What I think is more likely that judgement is coming upon america and the ptb are clearing the land, the earth, of what they hate most..God’s creation. Man has forgotten about God and in many areas on the planet they no longer have the protection of God because they’ve abandoned him and he has given them over to the technology they love so much.

  11. MrGlasgowTruther4U

    @artsychic2000 it is over most NATO countries, it certainly isnt just the usa. but then again, haarp is the only ionospheric heater in the world.

    but haarp is the new area 51 – in other words its old skool and a good distraction for those seeking answers

  12. artsychic2000

    I believe it has to be targetted. Check out dutchsinse and how he’s tracking haarp rings and predicting tornadoes and bad weather

  13. artsychic2000

    @Grey1671 yeah…but how is your weather? I believe it has to be targetted. Check out dutchsinse and how he’s tracking haarp rings and predicting tornadoes and bad weather

  14. TheBullionBoy

    @Grey1671 Around the Luton area it’s crazy……every morning right over my home huge plooms stretching for miles, low down too because of the airport….pissing me off. Only have a camera phone so my footage isn’t great but I might start uploading what I see

  15. artsychic2000

    @NotForSale2NWO thankyou…but the Holy Spirit gives me this stuff…and alot else should get to know him : )

  16. usexoticsltd

    Brilliant!… I never even thought about examining hail stones for evidence of geoengineering! When you’ve got microbes, metals, etc frozen in the middle of a hail stone, it definitely rules out the arguments over land-level contamination. THANKS!

  17. artsychic2000

    how do you explain why it’s not happening globally. Haarp has to be a factor because it seems to be especially horrific in the U.S.
    It has to be targetted somehow


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