WeatherShare 6 1 2012 ChemClouds and HAARP

Just a Textbook Chemtrail and ChemCloud Day.

3 thoughts on “WeatherShare 6 1 2012 ChemClouds and HAARP

  1. WitnessOfNewLaodicea

    Leaders of G8 nations planning global coup July 2012 to coincide with London Olympics. “UFOs” are next gen military powered by Directed Energy and ELF technology invented by Nicola Tesla in 1900’s. Fake UFOs and fake signs of apocalypse are prepping us for “alien Invasion” and false “messiah” leader. All nations will be put on military lockdown by end of summer. NWO? One World Government and Religion will arise. EDUCATE OTHERS! more search terms: HAARP, Illuminati, Chemtrails; UN Agenda 21


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