WEIRD UFO Shaped Glowing Clouds!! Chemtrail Pheomenon? HAARP? HOLOGRAM?

Haarp, Hologram, Or Nature? This cloud is completely Bizzare!! Phenomenon? You Tell me! If you enjoyed this video please share it to help get this viral!! Check out my channel for my videos like this!! This video took place in Indonesia 2011!! WIERD!!

25 thoughts on “WEIRD UFO Shaped Glowing Clouds!! Chemtrail Pheomenon? HAARP? HOLOGRAM?

  1. te11u1ater

    hey hey hey there is some thing .. look at the broken parts at 1:45 …. they suddenly disappeared which means that there is something between solid and gas.. “if gas only means can’t be stopped easily”>> articles which ordinary solid, liquid, and gas at the same time electrically neutral and cold or dense to be in a PLASMA state… this plasma may come from sky!!

  2. Jrockershadow


    >.> well they are going to test this technology and walk themselves into war with the people they are trying to decieve then eh? v.v some reason…..things may not go as they want in the end…..but they will cause their own downfall ….no one else to blame but theirselves….thats if all this information is true. The Governments will need to fear their own deceit. It will be okay for the rest of us. No worries people.

  3. GodGunsGutsGlory4KJV

    Wow. I wouldn’t doubt they are testing the technology.
    Creating a false alien encounter in 2012 will deceive all the fools expecting Aliens, as well as fool many others to rely on a UNITED GLOBAL GOVERNMENT to save them.

    Even MORE loss of Liberties will result!

  4. minteko

    Plasma.. Just like the northen lights. an eletrical phenomina that we will see more often as the atmosphere becomes more and more charged. completely normal in an electrical universe…..not ufo or harrp. goddammit

  5. cloudwalker2657

    Haarp and possible earthquake cloud–scientists are being able to connect these type of clouds with earthquakes–cause–Haarp–or?

  6. jackofamilies1

    @hypedsparkle haha, heard some of peeps saying thats sound from the earth itself some sift is changing so its normal but im not sure :)

  7. hypedsparkle

    @jackofamilies1 yeah that noises… i really wonder what that is.. cannada is doing research on it… people are freaking out by that noises.. but the weird thing is that its the same sound that the goverment is using in 1 of there brainwash movie’s .. i think that was : war of the worlds.. ? I find it suspicious ..


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