Westjet Chemtrail: Up Close and Personal

Take a ride up to 40000 ft and see a chentrail up close. Courtesy of WestJet.

16 thoughts on “Westjet Chemtrail: Up Close and Personal

  1. IonUCanada

    I agree! … but who said anything about gassing? Google Weather Modification Inc. and stop wasting your time trolling YouTube channels, posting comments out of? context and go help the needy. Be the change big man!

  2. Ryan Parsons

    you know if all the people that research this? stuff spent all the time you wasted on finding out if we are all being gassed… on productive things like volunteering for needy … this planet would be a much better place

  3. Ross Marsden

    Hello Harold, You need to understand the difference between saturation with respect to water and saturation with respect to ice. These are quite different, and they are important for the persistence or? not of contrails – particularly ice-saturation. I don’t think you fully understand the science here, and you would be well advised not to post about these things until you do. As it is, you are broadcasting your ignorance. I really suggest you sit down with a meteorologist and have a wee chat.

  4. 1cinjim

    wow. fucking amazing video. no that wasnt? the moon.it was in more than one part of this video. i think its their supervisor.who knows but i have completely lost all respect for all pilots. they are flying through them as if they were normal. if pilots are that easily swayed by schooling rather than instinct i will not fly with them.i have a memory and that beats their brainwashed bullshit every time. i know a pilot. his lips are purple. oh well. keep spraying .divine justice i guess.head warning

  5. Harold Saive

    Survey of national upper atmosphere weather-sonde data shows necessary conditions of saturated relative humidity (RH) (>90%)? to permit the physics of natural formation of persistent contrails above 32,000 feet rarely exists. — I’ve tracked more than 100 aircraft with PC emissions where RH at flight level was 60% in 2 cases and below 50% in the rest. Most were below 35% RH. Application of contrail physics is fairly simple and provides powerful, science-based conclusion.


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