What are They Doing? 9hrs in 2.5 minutes. Yosemite Chemtrails.

East of Fresno-Madera, S. of Yosemite. This year is like 2008:: Day after Day, Many of these planes continuously laying down patterns. In 2009 it was quiet until November. Then I started posting these again. Here, there are upwards of 6-10 planes in the sky at once! These are not “Commercial Passenger flights! This is 40 miles east of Fresno! Fresno….Not even San Francisco see’s this passenger air traffic. AND:: I go to the Fresno Airport 3 times a month and NEVER have one of these things landed or descended onto Fresno Int’l Airport.

12 thoughts on “What are They Doing? 9hrs in 2.5 minutes. Yosemite Chemtrails.

  1. IExposeMormonism

    @QUEENBEACHA I have a feeling we the people are paying for this. Out here this seems to be done from Oct to June. Then it just sorta stops.


    I wonder how they afford this, did all of the stimulus money go to paying for more spraying? So basically we pay to get sprayed on a daily basis! I live in Illinois and they do this day in and day out. I have been here for 1 year and have yet to see a clear blue day, unfortunately as soon as the sun shows her pretty little head the planes come through and make fake clouds again. Here the humidity turns brown when their done spraying it’s nasty! Ive called everyone all I can do is pray! God Bless

  3. IExposeMormonism

    @fleshtheworld Well, it’s more common than that in Fresno, we get the same spew, me and you. I go to the airport and in 3 years have never seen one of these land there. I have seen a fighter jet land there.. I’ve never seen one do this. I never noticed them until 3 yrs ago: I was watching a Yosemite video, saw “Chemtrails” and said, “Oh, I see these up North near Y’, rarely” Next day I walk outside and it was All over me! We just don’t see the obvious. Lit me up. sorta like 911/WTC we are blind

  4. fleshtheworld

    Better to pretend you dont noticed anything so you can get on with your robotic life. I mean, you dont want to mess up society by being smart do you. Retarded jokes aside, iv only seen chemtrails a few times in Freson CA, i just saw some a day or 2 ago… Cant do shit about it. We are suppose to be able to call a congress or authority figure and get them to find the answers for us. But no, theyll just say, ‘huh, what, oh ok, sure, bye’ Then they ignore you cause they can with our tax money.

  5. IExposeMormonism

    @pieater53 They are busy right now. started before 8am. criss-crossing the sky, mostly N to S. Fresno isn’t a big tourist trap. We have 25-35% unemployment and houses aren’t selling. this is all Ag’ country. Disney land is 240 miles south. They never land in Fresno, I’m down at the airport 3-4 times a month. Never do they land. Never do the trails diminish and show a decent towards Fresno.

  6. IExposeMormonism

    You can get a camera off ebay cheaper than retail. If used, make sure you get the cd, etc for the computer download. I use a Sony cyber-shot dsp-200… aside from my getting dirt inside the lens, it’s a great camera with great reviews. “Digital Camera Review” tests everything and you can compare and shop. I Rarely see these things after sunset Beat me why, they should just be there.By the time “they” tells us what this is it will be established as a regime and fact of our daily life.

  7. EdjeBos

    It’s 13.30hrs in the north-west of the Netherlands and they are busy with their thing at this very moment. From about 9.30am on. Wish I had a camera to film it. They are doing it more frequently above my town the last couple of months. The not knowing what they are doing is frustrating. We are breathing this stuff and haven’t got a clue what we inhale. Pisses me off.

  8. IExposeMormonism

    @mrjunior1o I don’t know but I think it may be partly responsible for the cooler weather in May and now.. It sure is responsible for the clouds! It was like this in 2008 but in 2009 it was very rare until Nov’ and then it started up in earnest. This has been going on like this for maybe 2 weeks.


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