What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For.. Full HAARP Documentary

In Depth Documentary On HAARP and Everything Its Used For. This is an Amazing Documentary. I Posted this video to spread the knowledge to everyone who is just beginning to learn about HAARP. Knowledge is Power!! Please Spread This Knowledge!

25 thoughts on “What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For.. Full HAARP Documentary

  1. Nogger86Germany

    i dont think that people who dont? know anythindg about haarp would find themselves watching and therefore dislike it…

  2. RonPaulorDie2012

    Please forward this letter:
    Dear “Mitt” Romney, you are a LIAR. you are obama. you owe the same people. you pay a good portion of your supporters so they do what you want, just as bankers will tell you what to do. for now you have adopted all the most popular beliefs of Ron? Paul to get elected. but you will leave all that behind when you think some other belief system suits YOU better. please drop out, most people are too stupid to see this and you will win. and the world WILL suffer.

  3. MrsPredNZ

    @kastawayz4u it? should be taken out of the hands of these people
    that want to use it to kill and instead use this technology to help the planet..could work for the good of all of us instead of killing, etc…

  4. teresabeals100

    so they are trying to play god? well live why u can before the government gets us all killed with their fucked up projects or wars over power trips

  5. TheComputerMaster

    @Matthewb2765 we should hire a unknown Bomb expert to blow up HAARP project……..make sure everyone is out of the area? of haarp then throw some huge bombs

  6. genistenia

    Although we have a HAARP antenna in Arecibo, we are shaking, and in the past two years, the shaking has been more aggressive: may 2010, mag 5.7 then dec.24, 2010 mag 5.4 then dec. 17, 2011 mag 5.1 and 5.3 both with few minutes of difference, and we are still shaking. HARRP is located in Alaska, and although there are many volcanoes there and is known to be seismically active, many earthquakes occur there… Is? this a coincidence?.

  7. serenitylost1

    E X C E L L E N T VIDEO!!! God? is alive and Jesus is still on the throne. Turn your eyes upward to the only one who can save you…… for no one loves you more than Jesus Christ. This world is changing fast….. very fast and for the worse. Please don’t turn away from the Savoir, He is your only hope.

  8. BMXJeff

    This starts off to be quite interesting, then becomes a sequence of news video clips and Windows Movie Maker effects ressemblent of the bullshit that was loose change (9/11 conspiracy film) finally followed by some dude from an American conspiracy TV show comparing real life to the bible? with the loosest comparisons I have ever heard.

    I just want factual information on HAARP and it’s effects so I can calculate for myself the possibility of it causing ‘natural’ disasters etc…..

  9. RetroFishman

    Simple? question; Catagory of this download is entertainment. Seems like the catagory should be education, science etc, why the entertainement jacket. Doesnt this qualify as education?

  10. jimmyc1983afc

    Religious preach at the end ruined the film. Not relevent, and totally hippocrytical. 1 level of controll to another. Government wants to control some of us and kill the rest, Lets not let them, but let a human man preaching thewords of a ficticious character can? do the same? Both offering me death if i’m disobediant? Discredited the whole information I was shown, if a man who makes these claims, also believes in a man who can walk on water etc but have no record in genuine recorded history

  11. PerrrfictKats

    Whatever happened to Benjamin FulFord? He has’nt had a video on YT for a while. Was he threathened to? shut up?

  12. georgeallak

    actually I’d me more convinced if this “free information” wasn’t portrayed like an emotional thriller box office hit – weren’t they trying to create an informational? video and NOT be biased?

  13. 333DavidTrue

    does anyone know about those other Haarp sites? I never knew about those, it looks like one in Turkey and one in Jordan (?) this does make me wonder even more about the zionist/rothschild agenda in the middle east, …One is? bad but several????

  14. Frakos

    When they talk about HAARP being used to improve communications between satillites I? sense a nervous undertone in their voice. I do not like this.


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