1. ScorpiusIncorruptus

    Wow….I’ve not seen any like THAT!

    You know, as a side note, I’m looking at my many options of what to click next and the video “Chemtrails Don’t Exist” comes up. When people, mostly my brother, say I’m nuts for thinking anything of chemtrails, I ask, “OK, then, what is it?” They say, “contrails!” I say, “…that waft there?” My brother says, “Yes…blah, blah.” I can’t prove him wrong. So, I think the ultimate response to any detractor should be, “Whatever it is, get it OUT of our SKIES!

  2. PeaceOverPride

    @controlfreakssuckass They have been officially borrowed in the name of education and are now being used in grade schools around the country. Thank you so much for discovering and providing footage of over 25 different clouds this year. Your hard work has single handed-lee redefined the definition of Contrail for the next generation. Keep up the good work Matt…You should expect some sort of commendation from our fearless leader….maybe even a room at the underground Hilton?

  3. controlfreakssuckass

    @PeaceOverPride maybe thats why im still alive… i’m missing pics. off my computer that i know they came in and stole…

  4. PeaceOverPride

    They must be impressed with the work your doing Matt, you seem to be getting first shot at all the 2011 model chem-trails…. “ControlFreaksSuckAss” Official Photographer Of The NWO….

  5. haarpWillNOTbeSilent

    And if they do the same thing as they did here, they will be expanding VERY rapidly..! And maybe you should look to see more snow? WoW….! This is twice you filmed the same exact thing that I have, within a week..! The first was the colors in the chemclouds. Keep on looking up brother!

  6. haarpWillNOTbeSilent

    That is The Same Exact thing I saw when I was filming one of my most recent videos; “Weather Manipulation – Making Snow – Video Proof”
    EXACTLY…!!! You got a much clearer shot though! EXACT…!!! I called them “veins.”
    Don’t worry, it’s just water vapor…hahahaaa

  7. controlfreakssuckass

    @stealthwavef22raptor you know they could put a scary face in the sky and NO ONE would flippin notice!!!


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