10 thoughts on “White Sands 1992 Movie Chemtrail

  1. birdhaldol

    I have DOD level Need to Know about your background and why you made this film, killed FBI Agents, and what exactly the hell is this about?. if you are truly such a cowboy CIA thug, we do have the power to burn you. Please leave the FBI alone in the future.

  2. SymAmineC8H11N

    i heard about this video after seeing an unsolved mysteries episode where some usmc active duty marine went missing. the last time his family saw him he mentioned this movie as a reference to some conflict he was in… i don’t know, weird.

  3. jhrunion

    this movie is fairly easy to follow…but difficult to re-tell! mickey rourke is great. one of his last, if not his last, great performance before his fairly recent comeback in once upon a time in mexico and sin city. has anyone posted dwight yoakam’s tie-in video for the heart that you own??? john

  4. VermillionKiss

    Pretty good movie this but by no means great HOWEVER the opening credit sequence unveiled to the strains of Partrick O’Hearn’s memorable score is astonishing if anyone can find it and upload.


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