WHO-Cell Phones Cause Cancer ?

I studied some 4 years ago now, the effects of mobile (cell) phones and the link to cancer, and I have not owned one since. I tried to warn people, and asked them to do their own research and they just laughed at me; (usual fear invoked response) and although the WHO dare not say it out loud and clear, you can rest assured that there is a link, and this is their way of “showing you”….Now it is up to you.

18 thoughts on “WHO-Cell Phones Cause Cancer ?

  1. sn9696

    The body is also electric ,of course cell phones effect the body ! I know someone who is on her cell phone hours a day,i swear it has changed her personality,not in a goodway! Good video….

  2. BelieveIntheBucket

    @Poonard when my grandma said to me. “now they say that cell phones cause cancer”… i was like, what do you mean “now”? haha

  3. BelieveIntheBucket

    this is why i use headphones or speaker phone. but i get paranoid that headphones cause cancer. but i have come to accept that i will have a high chance of getting some type of cancer in my life. its a fuct up world

  4. 3nlighted

    these phones caused so many problems, they have been for decades! Never will they admit it ! Even the bees are affected by their towers. The frequency bother them in? a way . Thats what farmers noticed since the antenna boom . So imagine these toys close to our brain …

  5. britishboy7

    Oh they said this last time and then said they had no real evidance to support it. Then they said that red wine was good for you, then bad. Like they say thatthe earth might be warming up or cooling down. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS OR LEAVE US ALONE

  6. Ozmaweapon1

    /watch?v=ZZdp13LFtOY please watch this and spread this info. They have gone Way Way way to far. Peace people, keep speaking out!!

  7. NoNORADon911

    While this is probably true you can’t trust the ”WHO” or MSM.
    Surprised they did? not show the ”this is your brain on drugs” AD, lol.

  8. CarinaSpence1988

    Anderson Cooper is so well spoken. I was aware of these problems but this video is nice and detailed!

  9. Poonard

    @bushdidit2u911 i think im with you on that…back to lan-line…maybe also, i’ll just hook up my blu-tooth everywhere i go

  10. Poonard

    it’s funny, so many of us internet bound researchers have known this for years and years and have been laughed at and ridiculed by these very same arrogant assholes…now they’re saying it’s dangerous…well, at least they did finally. But that’s hardly the end of health issues for me, the WHO has many policies which I still disagree with.

  11. bushdidit2u911

    not good! i only use mine for about 2-5 minutes a day and keep it like 10 metres away from me most of the time im not using it!!! i should just chuck it out


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