Who is stealing our sunshine?

*Update: Here is a paraphrase from July 2012 issue of Popular Mechanics under Atmospheric Science titled: “Government Chemtrails (Really!)”: “On 3-27-12 NASA launched a volley of 5 rockets … released a chemical tracer called TMA … Trimethylaluminum aluminum oxide, …can burn skin, but NASA says it poses no threat.” Written by Alex Hutchinson This video names public agencies and private companies involved in controlling the sunlight and even the air we breathe. Links cited in this video: Weather Modification, Inc.: www.weathermodification.com http NAWC, Inc.: www.nawcinc.com What in the World Are They Spraying?: youtu.be www.naiwmc.org Ice Crystal Engineering LLC: www.iceflares.com http www.iceflares.com www.iceflares.com www.waterplan.water.ca.gov www.weathermodification.com www.nawcinc.com http www.nawcinc.com SOAR: www.just-clouds.com Congress: writerep.house.gov Department of Commerce: www.commerce.gov EPA: www.epa.gov Senate: www.senate.gov Governors: www.usa.gov Legislators: thomas.loc.gov Belfort Symposium on Chemtrails: www.ustream.tv

25 thoughts on “Who is stealing our sunshine?

  1. mzedong001

    I think Fegelein is stealing your sunshine. I think he wanted all that sunshine for himself. Who´s to blame him , really , after all? this vast criticism on youtube?

  2. Ch3mTra1l

    Im an ” inactivist ” Stop Spraying shitty fucked up heavy metals on myself and my children…LEAVE IT? ALONE. Stop Chemtrails.

  3. MrMaxBliss

    There are many legitimate cloud seeding companies with very long client lists….the Australian Gov has just green lighted seeding for snowfall to enhance their sky season….I kid you? not…..also by seeding…you steal the moisture prematurely…which naturally should fall in another region or vica versa if you are seeding for drought instead like they have been doing for years at Bordeaux France for the vineyards….weather modification is in full swing, hence the new weather derivatives !

  4. MrMaxBliss

    Sensational video, many thanks…for this…p.s.? will crazy governments compensate those people using Solar panel arrays…in Europe many hundreds of thousands have new solar panel arrays at great cost……..

  5. pectinmania

    The brave new world wasn’t supposed to be until 2470 in London. It isn’t fair I say. The crimson sunset,? controlled daylight, and ‘soma spray'(a foggy mind is a happy mind) has come too, too early. Why? Reterraforming earth. Goal? Human mortality equal or greater than fertility. Effing eh!

  6. pectinmania

    Oh thank you! Even my trail understanding friends think that I’m off my rocker for thinking thorium dioxide was? in there! ‘That’s the dark crap’ and they respond thats pond scum and I say ‘NO IT IS CERTAINLY NOT! I’ve seen thorium oxides before!’
    Ford bless you.
    Have you looked into depleted uranium? ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ seems to be close to home now by people who never served. Why?

  7. writingsinthesky

    Thanks for your comment. I didn’t know it went back to WWII. I grew up in the 50’s and remember clouds so differently than they appear today. Never saw a contrail then or a chemtrail. But I do remember that the clouds appeared to be much higher in the sky and very differently formed than now. Today you can hardly get a breath of air that does not feel stale. May truth and wisdom prevail? before it is too late.

  8. writingsinthesky

    To Spanish Eyes comment: Thank you so much!? This modest effort took me eight months to produce and now I lament that it was not enough. There is more and I hope people will find it by looking into the university programs that are teaching programs such as those found at universities now. Research this: Atmospheric Chemical & Aerosol Lab connected to U of Colorado, Fort Collins. I believe people there could clarify what is happening.

  9. mzedong001

    I agree with you. There´s mostly a few anti – trolls and a few project managers left who still think the world is pretty? fine……

  10. mzedong001

    Think about it. Every country on Earth has stories about gods who could manipulate the weather. Civilizations who tried to manipulate the weather and who got to be destroyed if? they tried. Could the Babel Tower have been a radio control tower? Designed to use radio waves to modify weather?

  11. mzedong001

    I hate inactivists who always go ´leave it alone´. I read about weather modification in Ultimate Time Machine in 1998? so I was aware of it by then. I think that weather modification has been going on on Earth for thousands and more years. Sometimes a few centuries would pass and key materials removed from the soil so that people wouldn´t find out in certain areas……..

  12. fidlaf1

    Ignorant. Before you open your troll mouth. Why don’t you do some? research. And maybe you could be useful to society. Go to hell bitch. .

  13. writingsinthesky

    Sigh…., do Some research. Edison admits to seeding clouds this way. And, your suggestion these are to ’cause avalanches – even tho there is no snow: therefore – it is? photoshopped.” ??? Please go Troll elsewhere.

  14. writingsinthesky

    MrStonley: This “leave it alone”, may be good advice. Even so, let me ask you a question. Your site motto poses the question: “Which wolf wins, the good one or the evil one?”? The answer you pose is: “The one you feed”.

    Well said.

    So I ask you what you say to this: “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing?”

    Perhaps we all should pray and that is all we have to do. Yet, “God helps those who help themselves”. I’d bet the Aurora victims would have liked a few among them who could have helped.

  15. MrStonley

    i’m a body man & I? like hail , would it be ok for the body mans association to seed to make it hail , WHO’s clouds are they ?? leave it alone

  16. writingsinthesky

    OMG… I wouldn’t doubt it. Didn’t see that warning when I went there but it has been months now. My computers do fail often. I’ve noticed it mostly when researching Monsanto and Canola oil and how that began as a product to make mustard gas during WWII. So now you point to another source of malware, AND I want to thank you for that.
    Fear Not.? We out number them. And they are us, most of them. And we are growing in awareness. This generation of all ages is getting smarter.

  17. Lee Sharp

    omg those “flares” are in no way? capable of reaching high enough. The ones in the video are aimed near enough horizontal! They are clearly for scaring animals or possibly safely causing avalanches. yes the background isnt snow but lets start another conspiracy and say that the background was photo shopped! ha

  18. Lee Sharp

    agreed! there’s far too much involved in doing this for it to be kept a secret!? idiots watch videos like this and believe it.


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