Why Chemtrails? (Elenin – Nibiru – Planet X – Obama)

I have taken some Movements to get out why they are spraying chemtrails, mostly over the sun. This Video proves, that they cloud the sun very coordinadet. The setup of the chemtrails are not randomly chosen. they spray millions of dollars not for making fun in the air. Here is the Link why they hide the Sun: pwit.com They use this event also, to implement a new world order and attack every country, that does not follow the rules of the world elites! This is the reason for the arab spring, the stock crash, the protest everywhere, the earthquakes, the floods, the massdieing of animals, the tornados and and and. It is a controlled mix of overtaking, missinformation and chaos over the whole world. Get ready and prepared like others do: pwit.com

5 thoughts on “Why Chemtrails? (Elenin – Nibiru – Planet X – Obama)

  1. hideHYDEimcoming

    that just looks like vapour trail from an aircraft chemtrails are usually line or grid pattern and then spread out after about 1 to 2 hours forming what looks? like thin clouds

  2. kingkevinshelton

    All the chemtrails! They’re doing it here too! Almost everyday! We havn’t seen the sunset in two months? Why? SOMETHING is going on I just don’t know what. So many theories it’s hard to depict! Maybe it’s to protect from the mounds of radiation we’re getting from Fukushima! Maybe it’s trying to make weather normal, maybe its erradicating weather! Maybe their? hiding something in the sky! I have no idea, but i agree PWIT I am tired of it!

  3. PWITcom

    Decide for yourself what you get out from this video. In my opinion, they hide something, in others opinions, they do protecting against something. There are so many? things going on right now, its very confusing. Look for your own puzzles and let us know when you find out whats going on 😉

    I am absolutly sure, it is something from outer space and a extremly event will coming to the earth.


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