“WHY in the World are They Spraying?” Premier Trailer

“Why in the World are They Spraying? Premiering August 18, 2012, Produced by Michael J. Murphy, Co-Produced by Barry Kolsky, is an investigative documentary into one of the many agendas associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs, “weather control”

25 thoughts on ““WHY in the World are They Spraying?” Premier Trailer

  1. SortEnthusiast

    It’s hot engine? exhaust. Fine particles of soot act as seeds for atmospheric moisture to condense on. It quickly freezes, forming ice crystals. It probably does affect the weather, too, just like any other cloud. Look up ship exhaust trails if you really want your head to explode.

  2. Barry Kolsky

    here is the “free” version: youtu.be/mEfJO0-cTis?hd=1 if you like it, purchase a copy from witwats.com and support the filmmakers (mike and me) so? we can make more videos.

  3. Americanjazzlady

    God bless you for doing this!! You don’t need? luck. You need boldness, wisdom, God’s favor, protection and for everyone to hear and see what is going on so we can voice our concern that they must stop what they are doing. May the hand of the Almighty GOD bring conviction on every one of them flying the planes to spray the chemtrails and also on all those who gave the orders in Jesus’ Name!!

  4. Americanjazzlady

    Sir, I am so happy you are doing this. It brings tears to my eyes because I did not know what to tell people that never heard of chemtrails except that they are happening. ? I have now seen the plane overhead for myself!! I know it is being done over Fort Lauderdale, FL! I pray every day that the chemtrails over my city are blown out of here by the mouth of GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF! They must be stopped.
    May GOD ALMIGHTY bless and protect you and may this movie be seen by millions.

  5. jyotilion

    If you care about? this issue please get PROACTIVE
    SIGN petitions
    if everyone who cares signs
    there will be CHANGE

  6. MaxSafeheaD

    Yes, and it’s got elements which have been proven to influence thought as well.
    I’ts all part of? the NWO replilian nibiru agenda…

  7. weesoul

    we know why… weather modification controls food etc and what’s in those? chemtrails is genetically modifying us too

  8. doiremick86

    If that’s the case I’m SURE you’ll know that? it’s a fully verified fact that contrails (condensation trails) dissipate after moments…chemtrails seem to stay there all day, I’ve grown up watching the sky and never in my life has a contrail stayed all day until recent years, no change has been made to fuel sources…and just to make it juicy I have a well to do friend who designs airplane control programmes and showed me his design for a chemical release module attatched to plane wings.

  9. AmmoC9M

    The “what” of how? to shred natural clouds and tamper with the hydrological earth systems:

  10. doiremick86

    Actually this is a world wide thing, I take photo’s and video’s of this happening in Ireland, a couple of thousand miles away from american soil…just? look up someday, that’s all it takes is to tilt your head back about 45 degrees and look with your own eyes, no need to believe or disbelieve anyone.

  11. Meechooilka

    F*CK this shit! Some people apparently have too much time on? their hands to come up with this shit. And, of course, it could only really be coming from the glorious country of America.

  12. AmmoC9M

    Gone shill fishn’ – Ohhh! looks? like I hooked me a little one! So now SRMGeoengineering is a “conspiracy theory” and not a part of Earth Sciences research at universities in US/UK/Germany/Canada/NZ etc? What exactly have I stated that is “conspiracy”? Anyone who cares to have already looked at the “what” are beyond the paranoid stage – now they are just plain tired and pissed off by the lack of transparency from these so called “stakeholders”.
    Chop chop! Bury my comment with your excrement!

  13. bryan Elexander

    Like I said, “what” will answer more than “why” posting a few items from anti-geoengineering conspiracy page isn’t going to give you the answer or truth you should be seeking. The most amazing thing about conspiracy theories is how they evolved from folklore about a group to a little truth followed by fictious BS. It’s amusing still that they don’t explain? to you mindless douchbags about the few things they did find. Like the form they take or reaction..to name a few. They ride your paranoia

  14. TheHipsterPipster

    Do experiments, to see if you have Morgellons. If you’re not rejecting the fibers, it may mean you have it & your body’s easily becoming transhuman! If so, you’ll be controlled by frequency & be trackable. Put providone iodine on your skin in the shower, leave it on for a bit & If you? rub in good and wait, you may begin to feel these tiny mites type things come out of the skin. The eye brows harbor them too. Get them off with salt scrubs & you may need to do proactive things to keep them at bay.

  15. TheHipsterPipster

    You can also try a vinegar/water enema with iodine and a few drops of oil of oregano added. This stuff is HOT, so easy does? it. Put the enema in and see if anything comes out your butt cheeks or your hole. It will look like polymere creatures or tiny fiber worms…in the microscope. Oil of oregano is also great to put a drop on your toothbrush and then some natural toothpaste on top. Your teeth will never feel cleaner!

  16. TheHipsterPipster

    I understand the spraying has gone so far? that they can’t stop cold turkey or the planet will have some sort of melt down. They would have to stop slowly. The trouble is, this is causing a build up of these nanofibers that are meant for population reduction & they’re causing Morgellons disease & basically torturing people. It’s unreal what’s going on. I find the tiny, shiny, hexagon envelopes & microscopic fibers in my home environment all the time…also hotels, malls, & so on. God help us!

  17. dangerkoma

    …bad rap ?? trails in the? sky is at VERY LEAST POLLUTION and is probably alot more worse than that – thats why the bad rap

  18. AmmoC9M

    Going back to your original question: “why is geo-engineering getting such a bad rap before anyone is aware of what it really is(minus the bias against it)?”
    I? got one for you: Why even allow for any “agent” release? —- “minus the bias” towards the proposed/admitted use and health effects of “geoengineering” components: S04, Alumina, photophoretics containing Barium etc. The fact that these technocrats, philanthropists and geoengineers subscribe to eugenics — there should be no bias?

  19. bryan Elexander

    I know your a troll, but I’ll bite. Know “what” a agent is and “what” it does when released will? give the answer to “WHY” one would spray them in the first place.


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