WHY In The World Are They Spraying?

WHY in the World are They Spraying? is an investigative documentary into one of the many hidden agendas associated with chemtrail/geo-engineering programs. Various groups are quietly pursuing these programs, but why and for whose gain? www.infowarsshop.com Your Price: $19.95 www.infowars.com www.planetinfowars.com [support the infowars spread the news] www.infowarsstore.com www.prisonplanet.tv [New Website] www.infowarshealth.com www.infowarsteam.com

24 thoughts on “WHY In The World Are They Spraying?

  1. drummer4life4u

    no matter what u do or where u go, its monitered. idiot. that means every? time someone creates a network, legit or not, is a strawman in your view. every single cellphone is tracked, monitered with computers and men. as the lines i type right now. how do u suppose anyone can group up and communitcate these days huh? chicken scratch in the dirt with sticks so they cant listen?

  2. ShellyCyra

    If Alex Jones thinks facebook was created to gather information on people by the? CIA, why would he now start his own social network? Gathering together all the freedom lovers in one place. Knowing full well that his social network site would be monitored, also. Does this make any sense to anybody. Maybe he is the biggest “straw” man around. The wolf in sheep’s clothing leading them all to the slaughter. Something to seriously think about folks! Who is Alex Jones really working for? US OR “them”?

  3. László Kovács

    Our boy Obama is bending you? over and greeking you, and there ain’t a goddamn thing you can do to stop him, so bite that pillow, because he’s coming in dry.

  4. Amy Gordon

    Fine. There has to be a safe alternative to flouride. The Shamans in the South American rain forest know what it is. But many of them have been killed by New World Order Globalists because they know how to naturally cure all types of diseases. Big Pharma will not tolerate anyone getting in the way of their profits. An American couple went to South America, and the Shamans cured their son’s severe autism. But no? one else can do this any more. If your kid gets autism, you have to put them on meds.

  5. orione56567

    the food and water we take in…..then later we have to pay for there ”cure”….? all this genetic seeds and food like fruit and corn,evan meat…..the big nwo corps will control us and pay for the cure( antitote) a chip insise you……..control it alllll

  6. Bigsteelguy3

    Your a Gov’t Disinfo Agent, trying to lead people away from listening to Alex Jones and his Crew.? Your someone who is trying to Manipulate the Minds here on Youtube.

    People who Listen to Alex Jones and his Crew, think for them selves, and knows when to question things. Alex is definitely not part of the Shadow Government/Illuminati group, i know this for a FACT.

  7. glitcherPROXx

    WTF they stop that spraying crap in air along time ago? When I was station at a fort irwin? you could see the planes spraying I don’t see them

  8. broadcstyrself

    Missing? Harvard BioMolecular
    Scientist Found Dead in
    Mississippi River

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (Reuters) – The body of a Harvard scientist has been found
    Wiley’s disappearance triggered alarm bells because of his expertise in deadly viruses such as Ebola amid U.S. fears of possible bioterrorism following the Sept. 11 attacks and subsequent anthrax mailings.


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