Wimbledon and the 2013 Chemtrail Indoctrination. Opening Credits From 2007-2013

Proof that this is the first year that the BBC has used Chemtrail Subliminals in their Wimbledon opening credits. It is not a new thing, for MSM and other en…

16 thoughts on “Wimbledon and the 2013 Chemtrail Indoctrination. Opening Credits From 2007-2013

  1. La Traviata

    Very well done, tracemechanical! If this isn’t obvious indoctrination, i’ll
    eat my balls. But sadly this is not a unique case of brainwashing. Taking a
    look at tv-news, commercials and trash-tv only reveals more and more
    upcoming zombiefication. Anyway… great work you’ve done here! Viral this!

  2. Hingis

    An advice for you : SHUT DOWN YOUR TV, you are too much brainwashed ! They
    are spraying more and more Chemtrails in our skies and it began as far as I
    remember in the early 90ies or even earlier : those people just want to
    accept and bow down to the New World Order…

  3. BulletTruth989

    OMG have you seen the trail of the hippo’s swimming in circles? Do you
    think the government is training them to aid the reptilian invasion that
    will wipe out life as we know it? Or what about the trail of the buildings
    that are in a circle that light up red, is like a government portal to a
    parallel dimension which the leaders will escape into once this chemtrail
    shit really kicks off?

  4. TraceMechanical

    Thanks La Traviata, that’s very kind of you to say – I did intent to take
    it back to 1981, I have the footage saved, but WMM was playing up dreadful
    with it! You are very correct though, the indoctrination program runs deep
    and far with this!

  5. Jean E

    Thanks for posting this…I was watching the Murray-Janowicz semi-final and
    muttered ‘hello, what’s this then?!’ – or something to that effect.. – I
    immediately typed ”chemtrails over Wimbledon” and found your video…It’s
    a sick world, and getting sicker with each new day. Good work Trace!

  6. BulletTruth989

    Maybe they are just trying to make media trails as realistic as possible?
    Conspiracy theorists, you do make me chuckle. You’re the sheep. I will not
    let a cult warp my judgement , I will not be swayed by a group of like
    minded people, I will stay an individual and come to my own conclusion.
    Anyway, you’d best get back to your flock.

  7. TraceMechanical

    Thanks so much Pyrrhon67, I am glad you noticed it too. Sometimes when you
    see something so blatantly wrong and different to its norm, you just have
    to do something about it – That is what compelled me to make this. Peace.


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