World Chemtrail Awareness Day – Help Wanted! BE Disclosure! January 22, 2011 TheBludamsel

World Chemtrail Awareness Day is January 22, 2011 – – 2 – World Chemtrail Awareness Day, Help Wanted! BE Disclosure!! 2011 –

16 thoughts on “World Chemtrail Awareness Day – Help Wanted! BE Disclosure! January 22, 2011 TheBludamsel

  1. MrVforvendetta10

    Bill Gates is one of the main pushers and funders of geo-engineering or mass genocide as i like to call it! He is so extortionately rich that power and influence have become his currency, research it !

  2. MrVforvendetta10

    There was no threat of climate change until they created it.The climate changes naturally it warms it cools. Then they create hysteria about global warming and how its bad?What the earths natural cycle is bad and its our faults so we better pay more taxes right? Chemtrails have been created to induce global cooling of the enitre northern hemisphere, this is fact if you look at some recent genuine climate predictions and current weather/climate patterns and behaviour.

  3. whatsnextnow19791

    @TheBludamsel I wish I would have know, I would have either suggested that you screen shot all friends and subs, like I just did on the first, or I could have had you pass them right to me from yahoo.

  4. whatsnextnow19791

    @farina67 Of course I do, she is one of the first ones I subbed to here on youtube, years ago, and watched her before I even had an account. Awesome! I have made vid responses to her as well.

  5. farina67

    @whatsnextnow19791 oh no this is almost normal here.Do you know morningmayan? Check out her channel and stories….She is one of the best among all the other great people here.
    Thanks , I will ask thebludamsel for the music and sub her of course. : )

  6. whatsnextnow19791

    @farina67 Ask thebludamsel, formaly jamahurin, links in the box. Just pm or type that same thing in her boxes. It just so happened that her account got deleted just after I downloaded these, but as I put them up I checked my messages and she was under the new name. So I was able to link back to her originals. Crazy story? It’s true.

  7. whatsnextnow19791

    @mrbobwang Will do sir. I am trying to lay the ground work so when I go to talk about the many things that have happened to get to the point we will reach soon, I will at least have some knowledge of some things. I can’t cover everything but I wish I could. Everything important that is of course. The library is fully accessable 24 – 7 feel free to browse. I have more that you could watch in a day I bet. Much Love!

  8. whatsnextnow19791

    @westiesworld4u Thanks for watching, please help our friend out and pass the originals on for her. Thanks a million.

  9. whatsnextnow19791

    @rosepaigefly And that we shall! Thank you for the response. I just so happen to run into her just moment after the upload went up. Good deal. I am not sure about the site I was going to guide people to (chemtrailplanet) it was down as well. I will check for that again.

  10. jbreezes

    Good upload and worth saving as another person who had this vid (was in my inbox) had their acct. closed before I could see it.

  11. Bryan

    Chemtrails are composed of barium, a highly reactive alkaline. These lines in the sky will dissolve away bu evaporating vinegar into the aor because vinegar contains acetic acid, and acetic acid pops alaklines like bakinf soda or barium. This is a serious post, we have a made a video that cuou can search on You Tube that has the Title: HOW TO KILL CHEMTRAILS . Our channel on YouTube is most hardcore chemtrail hating channel on YouTube. called: LibranEsq search for that term as well on youtube,..we have mover 125 very recent chemtrail videos all taken in the New York City area. You are invited.


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