World Deception 2 : NS Pt.01 (Introduction) 2010

PLEASE SHARE : NOTE, this is not intended to be a conspiracy theory series. This series continues where the first series left off. It will cover materials dealing with people’s beliefs, combined with our everyday life. Covering deceptions you maybe weren’t aware of. About the media, hollywood, food, teaching systems, everything you can imagine, indoctrinating your mind and soul. There are so many deceptions going on around the clock in our time. There will be added parts with links to the series further down, after each release. I have made this for you, so you can at least see and believe what ever you want to believe. I have never claimed i’m right or wrong. All i want is for you to use your mind, use it. You have it for a reason. Don’t dismiss it, don’t fill your mind with entertainment ect. Unless you know what it is. That is my only message to you. Free your mind, and use it. Part.02 (STARS AND STRIPES) 2010 Part.03 (INTERNET AND YOUTUBE) 2010 Part.04 (ENSLAVE ME) 2010 Part.05 (HAPPY HELLIDAYS) 2010 Part.06 (DINOSAUR AND MAN#1) 2010 Part.07 (DINOSAUR AND MAN#2) 2010 Part.8 (HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY) 2010 Part.9 (A WORLD WITHOUT YOU) 2010 Part.10 (GET GOOD GRADES) 2010 Part.11 (EASTER) 2010 Part.12 (EASTER ISLAND) 2010 Part 13 (INTERNET 2) 2010 Part 14 (DO YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT THE RFID

25 thoughts on “World Deception 2 : NS Pt.01 (Introduction) 2010

  1. choose4me

    ish. It’s an amazing work about human society and human being. An incredible different way to see our history and our motivations. That book gave me a lot of keys to understand and connect facts and events about our society and about what’s going on now…I think it will interest you. In fact, it will interest a lot of people. Take a look, Howard Bloom, another “knowledge lover”. Take care, all of you 😉

  2. choose4me

    Dear Chem,
    Thank you for your work. I’m making a lot of research in all that kind of subjects since 8 years now and I want to tell you something: this is the FIRST time that I found someone who have that respect for the free will and the freedom of thinking. And you what? THAT is way to get wisdom, so again, thank you :) I suggest you to take a look on Howard Bloom’s books “Le Principe de Lucifer” 1&2 (sorry, I’m french and I don’t know the title in english…and I’m not really talented in engl


    Hey Chem great intro man ~ nail on the head intro Bro ~ going too save series to fav’s an watch all ~ awesome work as always :) 😀

  4. revillusi0nz

    yo chemlin, your production skills are sick as hell dude, i can already tell im going to enjoy this series right here.. so much so, i have to pause and grab me a 12 pack and maybe a blunt haha lol.. ill definitely be keeping in touch with you man… peace n luv — ReVvi

  5. keizernero79

    Don’t blame the whistleblowers, but admit your mistakes.

    FREE Bradley Manning

    Peace and Love send to All

    I love your work Chemlin, keep it up.

  6. deadmanzen

    pixtal possie code 3;37
    push end at 62 audio

    Found you
    look into and study this

    1. Roy G. Biv
    2. Mnemonic

    From Wikipedia then

    “pixtal possie” Mnemonic

    they use it as a code.
    its easy with people who know u and us home $ items
    past knowlage ect

    feds cia no hope cant see shit ,hope u like it u will love it

  7. chemlin

    @Greeksgonecrazy29 : Thank you, glad to hear you appreciate it so far 😀 Yeah, i’m looking forward for the reaction on the continuation. Hopefully be out by october-november. Working my a** off trying to complete the series…haha, to little time… 😀 Spread the truth and awareness 😀 Peace,love and respect 😀

  8. Greeksgonecrazy29

    well done my fellow free man. YOur works is always great .. can’t wait to fall for the next series. The intro is great,… Most people are not awake to under stand this. But i do


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