World Deception 2 : NS Pt.03 (Internet & Youtube) 2010

PLEASE SHARE : NOTE, this is not intended to be a conspiracy theory series. This series continues where the first series left off. It will cover materials dealing with people’s beliefs, combined with our everyday life. Covering deceptions you maybe weren’t aware of. About the media, hollywood, food, teaching systems, everything you can imagine, indoctrinating your mind and soul. There are so many deceptions going on around the clock in our time. There will be added parts with links to the series further down, after each release. I have made this for you, so you can at least see and believe what ever you want to believe. I have never claimed i’m right or wrong. All i want is for you to use your mind, use it. You have it for a reason. Don’t dismiss it, don’t fill your mind with entertainment ect. Unless you know what it is. That is my only message to you. Free your mind, and use it. Part.02 (STARS AND STRIPES) 2010 Part.03 (INTERNET AND YOUTUBE) 2010 Part.04 (ENSLAVE ME) 2010 Part.05 (HAPPY HELLIDAYS) 2010 Part.06 (DINOSAUR AND MAN#1) 2010 Part.07 (DINOSAUR AND MAN#2) 2010 Part.8 (HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY) 2010 Part.9 (A WORLD WITHOUT YOU) 2010 Part.10 (GET GOOD GRADES) 2010 Part.11 (EASTER) 2010 Part.12 (EASTER ISLAND) 2010 Part 13 (INTERNET 2) 2010 Part 14 (DO YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT THE RFID

25 thoughts on “World Deception 2 : NS Pt.03 (Internet & Youtube) 2010

  1. roskildahphreak

    @fixedworld Didn’t really give it anymore second thoughts, but seeing you reacting like this… somewhat lesser satisfaction for a brief fraction of a second


    @chemlin …..I thought so…….Absolutely AWESOME vids….well put together…..hey did you want me to join your friend list because you wanted more friends?????…or wanted me to watch your vids……

  3. chemlin

    @WEATHERORNUT : no, its not my choice… they appear if there a some kind of copyrighted material in the video..its their sleasy way to advertise webpages,products etc..


    i notice you have ads on your page….. was it your choice????……..i think your vids are excellent by the way….

  5. rg2027x

    Google bought Youtube & turned it into another Hollywoodized corporate wasteland

    Hollywood took control. Corporations run the show. They dictate front page content. And it’s all their shit. Dumbed-down “entertainments”

    Before the fall, you would see truth videos hitting the front page. 911 documentaries. No longer.

    There was once a time when view counters on select vids weren’t frozen for days…

    Technology was intended to enslave us. Keep us chained to the Matrix, feeble & dependent on them

  6. connielane

    Great information! Too bad Google bought Youtube and took away the peoples expression of free speech in favor of ADL guidelines.

  7. GutsBrandedSwordsman

    Chemlin you do a good job. Your vids cover many different topics while providing quality information. I really enjoy the diversity of information. People are really learning here, and not just being fed the same old stuff about Jay-Z and the illuminati. Granted that is important to…keep it up Chem! And trust me, I’ve seen them all!

  8. pcise198

    this one video is mind fuckery and programming.. these fuckers have so many avenues of mind control…. shit… fool is the man who cannot recognize how Christ died and lives on til this day AND FOREVER MORE !!!!!

  9. umhalil

    The flag we see everyday is the American flag of war.The true American flag looks much different.Most people don’t know this.America has been in a perpetual state of war since the founding fathers occupied the Americas.

  10. cloecarter1

    Hey Chemlin; Thanks for all your help in assisting us to get educated and thinking for ourselves! Your work has so much integrity; it makes you look fabulous!


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