World deception 2 : NS Pt.10 (Get good grades) 2010

PLEASE SHARE : NOTE, this is not intended to be a conspiracy theory series. This series continues where the first series left off. It will cover materials dealing with people’s beliefs, combined with our everyday life. Covering deceptions you maybe weren’t aware of. About the media, hollywood, food, teaching systems, everything you can imagine, indoctrinating your mind and soul. There are so many deceptions going on around the clock in our time. There will be added parts with links to the series further down, after each release. I have made this for you, so you can at least see and believe what ever you want to believe. I have never claimed i’m right or wrong. All i want is for you to use your mind, use it. You have it for a reason. Don’t dismiss it, don’t fill your mind with entertainment ect. Unless you know what it is. That is my only message to you. Free your mind, and use it. Part.02 (STARS AND STRIPES) 2010 Part.03 (INTERNET AND YOUTUBE) 2010 Part.04 (ENSLAVE ME) 2010 Part.05 (HAPPY HELLIDAYS) 2010 Part.06 (DINOSAUR AND MAN#1) 2010 Part.07 (DINOSAUR AND MAN#2) 2010 Part.8 (HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY) 2010 Part.9 (A WORLD WITHOUT YOU) 2010 Part.10 (GET GOOD GRADES) 2010 Part.11 (EASTER) 2010 Part.12 (EASTER ISLAND) 2010 Part 13 (INTERNET 2) 2010 Part 14 (DO YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT THE RFID

25 thoughts on “World deception 2 : NS Pt.10 (Get good grades) 2010

  1. dasinfoschaf

    young guy with big whisdom! I told that to the people in my school back in the days. That the only thing we learn is to feel lik eshit if we dont stand up 7 in th morning and be produktive for the high and surpreme masters!

  2. Gemeni3insane

    i also disagree with the run of things in school and when i said it they went wild and called me “terest” and “non amiracan” this was about three years ago. Any way thank you to any one who researching in this you can make a defrence by speaking out and geting your self educated.

  3. RobZiak

    You’re talking about problems with education and deliberate “dumbing” down of society, and your first sentence is peppered with mistakes.You should really consider having someone proofread what you write before putting it out there.

  4. phoenixangel1120

    I am going back to teach, and I have see alot of new world order indoctrination. What’s worse, I am attending a “Christian” university? That tells how far this has gone.

  5. finlongin

    @WorldinDenial ur right, 5 years ago someone told me, as a catholic i was worshippin satan, i was offended, how dare you? then u read the links of vatican and 3rd reich, and other attrocities.. u link it all together.. who is satan i ask? the clever snake, or the dragon.. did we humans fight dragons 10k years ago? and win? and they been pissed ever since? then gave us false religions to make us separate? buy us with money, threats of torture to keep us from banding together all over again?


    thank you another interesting video god bless all and there is a higher power a god that will judge all and god is powerful humans can discover do what ever but they cant create even an insect so guys do not worry god will the truth will come out and justice very sooooon god will thank you for ur videos are amazing as always and god bless all

  7. donna4255

    Great video! I commend the young man who was awake & did his own research & thinking! Unfortunately, he is of the FEW as w/ any other category. May the Lord bless him & use him to continue to bless many others w/ the truth…it is the truth that sets us free!

  8. samroach0

    I’m a person trying to get a teaching degree. You want to see the textbooks promoting the New World Order?

  9. JPAnimations

    Very well said and it is so true. Not only in the US is this a fact. When I confronted my teachers and professors at the university about the obvious misconceptions in physics. The dumbing down in almost every area and it is global.

  10. patheticcliches

    i not evar go to skewlz.. i be smartz to fightz bat peple.. not go to skewlz k? skewl baad for brain.. makez u zombbie.. derr dugh.. duh.. um derr.. k?


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