PLEASE SHARE : NOTE, this is not intended to be a conspiracy theory series. This series continues where the first series left off. It will cover materials dealing with people’s beliefs, combined with our everyday life. Covering deceptions you maybe weren’t aware of. About the media, hollywood, food, teaching systems, everything you can imagine, indoctrinating your mind and soul. There are so many deceptions going on around the clock in our time. There will be added parts with links to the series further down, after each release. I have made this for you, so you can at least see and believe what ever you want to believe. I have never claimed i’m right or wrong. All i want is for you to use your mind, use it. You have it for a reason. Don’t dismiss it, don’t fill your mind with entertainment ect. Unless you know what it is. That is my only message to you. Free your mind, and use it. Part.02 (STARS AND STRIPES) 2010 Part.03 (INTERNET AND YOUTUBE) 2010 Part.04 (ENSLAVE ME) 2010 Part.05 (HAPPY HELLIDAYS) 2010 Part.06 (DINOSAUR AND MAN#1) 2010 Part.07 (DINOSAUR AND MAN#2) 2010 Part.8 (HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY) 2010 Part.9 (A WORLD WITHOUT YOU) 2010 Part.10 (GET GOOD GRADES) 2010 Part.11 (EASTER) 2010 Part.12 (EASTER ISLAND) 2010 Part 13 (INTERNET 2) 2010 Part 14 (DO YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT THE RFID


  1. gushwa

    @drummingfordrunks there was a whole video i think in world deception one about symbols, etc that was dedicated to that….stars and stripes backward, etc. Chemlin, do you remember which video that was?

  2. revillusi0nz

    I know you’ve had this up for quite some time, but I enjoyed it a lot. The whole series is excellent, this episode in particular being one of the best 😀

  3. jabe55

    Amazing! I have played black ops and never picked up those document screens of chemtrails, water fluoridation or false flag attacks because they were played so quickly i wouldn’t notice. And even if i did, i wouldn’t understand the meaning of it since knew nothing about anything at that time. I am glad i do now. Now i am Totally awake to their evil!

  4. letnofleshglory

    @TheOlderangel Somebody did prove it and collected a sample. I found it a couple of nights ago, quite by accident. Just go to youtube and type in these words in the search. Top Secret Obama 2012 World War 3 Illuminati Antichrist Conspiracy. The man had what he collected analyzed and it had arsenic and barium and some other stuff in it. They were spraying it over his house!

  5. yeshuashouse

    Thanx 4 speaking the TRUTH and taking a risk. Even 4 the sheep that R B-ing led 2 the slaughter. I think its all 2 late tho @ this point. Its all 2 late. The only chance we would possibly have is 4 a revolution.Problem is there R 2 many that R Zombified and delusional.The NWO is quickly disarming us from fire arms. Disarming us from prayer &the bible in schools.Making everything that makes no sense seem as if it is logical. Programing.If you perpetuate a lie long enough people will believe

  6. drummingfordrunks

    @1stOnRedList on a lot of kids cartoons they are visible, and many movies also, they are trying to make it seem normal, i miss our big blue skies, now they are just a hazy mess…..

  7. drummingfordrunks

    hey chemlin ! great work as always, have you noticed the rep. elephant lately? the stars are now inverted, and do you know anything about the american flag on soldiers uniforms? they used to be the stripes always went to the right, now when i see them they are to the left.. any thoughts on that? or can anyone offer their thoughts? please????

  8. chemlin

    @TheOlderangel : people have done that, you should do some more research on the topic :) Morgellons chemtrail/fiber is a start :) Peace.

  9. 1stOnRedList

    In the intro to Pawn Stars theres always chemtrails in the sky behind them.. Also for a brief moment in the movie 127 Hours.


    when are you going to continue with this project it is great info keep it up. You have done an excelent job

  11. mybeautifulearth

    11 mins 46 100% proves chemtrails are real and not all in our minds as some ignorant people think!!

  12. drprpapi23

    @aerobique yoyu are a fucking idiot and a waste of life damn shame your 29 but have the brain capacity of a toddler

  13. FamiliarThoughts

    Question: How does a bird find its way from one migration place to another. 2). How does a fish find its spawning beds? 3). How does a honey bee find its way back to the hive? 4). What happens to animals that use true magnetic north to navigate? 5). If there were aliens that wanted to colonize us, why wait until 2012? 6).What part do we play in hte grand scheme of things. Simple questions right? One more “Why hasn’t the magnetic generator by John Searl been mass produced?

  14. strongnoob

    I smiled when I heard of COD: BLACK OPS, but I didnt know they had all those other little gems within the game. Water Fluoridation: soviets producing schitzophrenia. illuminati, bohemian grove, majestic 12, 1001 club (700?), bilderburg, etc.

  15. goddessofdivinity

    Now one thing I would like to know is why would the government put chemtrails out if it will affect them too?? Do they have special masks that protect them?? Why are they doing this??

  16. goddessofdivinity

    My sister called the police, naval army place, and I think?*not sure but it was someone else.. i can ask* about the chemtrails over our house.. they either said they’ll look into it, or they didn’t know what it was coming out and remaining in the sky of these aircrafts. My meteorology teach even spoke saying they are affected the weather… hope they stop soon.. but do you think we as humans can adapt to this??

  17. chemlin

    @easystock1 : Read the title :) “World deception” is the first series, the second is “World Deception 2 : NS” :) Which NS, stands for Next step :) No, episode 27 for WD2 arent out yet. Go to my channel and check out playlists for the series and other vids. just click the username below the video “chemlin” or click on the box around the watermark with the youtube site on the video :)

  18. easystock1

    Im confused, there doesn’t seem to be a 27 ep yet, but you do have a ep 27 with the same world deception title. Both 26 episodes are completely different series.This can be confusing to many.


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