Worst Chicago Chemtrail Spraying Part III Exposing the Scum! Dada on the Hip-Hop ChitownUFO

Dada provides the music for Part III- Worst Chemtrail Spaying- 3 Midwestern States have confirmed. Pls HD & Full (for night video) atrocity took place on Sept. 20, 2011 Chitown ufo sightings worst spraying in Midwest 3 states Sept. 20, 2011 comet elenin update today chitiownufo

19 thoughts on “Worst Chicago Chemtrail Spraying Part III Exposing the Scum! Dada on the Hip-Hop ChitownUFO

  1. ChitownUFO

    @Jerry2665 yes that bird is always flying around the time of the chemtrails 😀 and that’s Jupiter under the moon in that night time chemtrail shot. it’s out early now in the East before 10 pm. i have a new video of the moon. it will be on soon :)

  2. ChitownUFO

    @Jerry2665 yes it was bad and wait till you see Part IV it’s just as bad, thanks Jerry i was thinking the same thing, i don’t want to get sick from it. now it actually gives me a sore throat like allergies. i don’t know if it rains after a big spraying. sometimes they spray so often it’s like 5 times a week. sometimes nothing for two weeks.

  3. Jerry2665

    PS, There goes that bird again. they’ve poisoned him again. @ about 11:00 I like the night shot of the chemtrails by the moon. what star is that @ 11:56 (blinky star)? I like the choice of music. Keep up the good work truth sister. Nice shot of the moon @ 13:36 Peace,,,,

  4. Jerry2665

    Hello Chitown. Part 3, You got hit bad with chemtrails man-on-man. Dont stay out to long in that stuff it cant be good. Like I said i’ve been hearing a lot of people getting sick when they spray that stuff. Evry time we here in up state New York get hit it rains within 24/36 hours. What about your area do you get rain after they spray.? Thank you for sharing your awesome video. Peace,,,,,

  5. ChitownUFO

    @helpmemovetoLA well if it’s a persistent contrail it should burn off. i have three parts to this so far. when you see that long trail and then it starts spreading out into thin clouds that’s a chemtrail. in this series you see one than two three and when i go out in a couple hours the sky is covered with thin fake clouds. most days when you see this those clouds are fake. you’ll start seeing the difference soon. i’ll do a vid showing the aftereffects for you. and i’ll title it that so you know

  6. helpmemovetoLA

    @ChitownUFO wait.. it looks like an regular airplane liner…how do you know its chemtrail? what gives it away? Im new to this…

  7. ChitownUFO

    @gannonk23 thanks for letting us know. everyone comment if you go through this spraying and where you live. thanks KY that’s 3 states confirmed.

  8. SurvivingSTL

    Wow, that looks like the activity we get here in MO. Today we have another day of constant chemrain coming down upon us. Driving my sinuses crazy…… Death from above.

    To all the people who spray us…. Fuck you, fuck you.

    Excellent video as always Chitown.

    Off the hook Dada……..

    Thumbs up for Chitown and Dada……..


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