WTF Is Falling to Earth!! Asteroid ?? Comet? UFO? 2011! Weird Event….

WHAT IS THIS!!??! This amazing event took place mid 2011 in South America!! Similar Video of Same Event

25 thoughts on “WTF Is Falling to Earth!! Asteroid ?? Comet? UFO? 2011! Weird Event….

  1. Awesomeman1987

    you clever bastard, I live right under a flight path to a? major airport and I have never seen that before.

  2. A7b3rt01

    Hi Mathew, i saw this last year and now again 01.14.2013. This object is traveling NW, trailing the sun, visible at sunset for a very short time. This time is not red in appereance (like? last year), it is looking grey. Look about 15 degree above W and when the sun is completely out. Please try to fim, i took some picture but they are useless, it just look like a dask cloud.

  3. PyroVideoChannel

    It is the con-trails and the reflections from a jetliner. The sun is over the horizon and you can’t see it, but the light IS hitting the plane. If you live close to a major city you will sometimes see this if the conditions are just right, especially in Summer when it’s humid. It will flip your lid the first time you see? one.

  4. maximusdirectus

    Here we go and lets satisfy the legions of conspiracy regards! What your watching aid an alien spacecraft based out of Orlando FL, not area 51! The ship is crewed by Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa with a compliment of cloned aliens aboard. They are returning from the moon after emplacing more Apollo props. Instead of flying directly back to base they fly around the planet a few times abducting folks? and leaving strange chemtrails and other shit. THE TRUTH because I say so here in YouTune!!!!

  5. Klaas Oldersma

    The German satellite ROSAT will this coming weekend,? 22 or 23 October 2011, crashing on Earth.

    A few weeks ago an American satellite collapsed down on Earth. This satellite, with a? total weight of over 6,000 pounds, fell apart over the Pacific Ocean. This caused the crash of these satellite on Earth no appreciable damage.


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